Bragga Pasarela Fest Underground Edition ft CH Pulgarin, Mateus, J Alvarez , FAME + more

Experience Bragga Pasarela Fest Underground Editions's Fashion Night
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Bragga Pasarela Fest Underground Edition ft CH Pulgarin, Mateus, J Alvarez , FAME + more

The pulse of Miami's Wynwood district beats even stronger with the recent showcase of the dazzling event "Bragga Pasarela Fest," created by visionary Carolina Mesa. Presenting its sixth edition, "Underground Edition," at the renowned Mad Live event center, an eccentric venue where fashion, music, and art took center stage, it has become a highlight on the city's cultural calendar.

Melina Franchel, Milagros Coarasa, Carolina Mesa

A Tapestry of Fashion and Elegance

Leading the fashion charge was Mapale, showcasing their renowned lingerie and swimwear lines. Bragga's commitment to diversity shone through as emerging brands like Kelixir, anaiaswimwear, and lelafemenina dazzled attendees, signaling their arrival on the fashion scene.

The Artistry Behind the Scenes

A key highlight of the evening was the involvement of Camilo Herrera, a top stylist from Colombia and Miami, known for his expertise in beautifying queens and models. His salon, STUDIO50SALON, was entrusted with the task of preparing all the models for the Aleskagenesis fashion show, ensuring each model looked their absolute best.

Vekap DJ

Glamorous Accents by Victoriosa Fashion

Victoriosa Fashion Jewelry added a touch of glamour to the event by sending  gifts, which were graciously distributed to the attendees.

Luxury in Bloom with Le Bouquet

Le Bouquet presented an enchanting exhibition of luxury preserved flowers, showcasing blooms that promise to retain their beauty for years, adding a touch of nature's elegance to the event.

Canvas of Dreams: Artistic Mastery on Display

Artists like Mateus, CH Pulgarin, and popobeart captivated attendees with their stunning artworks, creating a visual feast that harmonized with the evening's fashion narrative.

Musical Sensations Light Up the Stage

The event was a truly unique night, not only highlighted by performances from emerging musicians Luna Music and Daniz, showcasing Bragga Pasarela Fest's flair for new talent, but also by the extraordinary presence of renowned reggaeton artist J Alvarez. He didn't just perform; he intimately connected with the public, taking pictures and sharing shots with attendees. It was a rare and intimate event that showcased J Alvarez's genuine connection with his fans. His performance, filled with dynamic and energetic rhythms, was the icing on the cake.

J Alvarez connecting with fans
J Alvarez Performing

Spotlight on FAME ICON Magazine

The event was proudly sponsored and supported by FAME ICON Magazine, a testament to their dedication to fostering a diverse cultural landscape in fashion, art, and music.

Celebrated Personalities in the Crowd

Adding to the night’s allure were notable figures such as Sharon Mijares and Lina Arroyave, whose presence brought an additional layer of excitement and recognition to the gathering.

Bragga Pasarela Fest: A Symphony of Style and Creativity

Bragga stands out as a beacon in the world of event organizing, melding established names with burgeoning talents across fashion, art, and music. This event was a testament to their commitment to creating a platform for all involved.

Runway Models + Tom Hassid from Mapale

As the night concluded, the synergy of expert styling, innovative fashion, captivating art, and enthralling music left an indelible mark on all who attended. It was a night where the heart of Miami's cultural scene beat strongest, thanks to Bragga Pasarela Fest and coverage by FAME ICON Magazine, marking yet another successful chapter in Miami's rich tapestry of creative events.