Canela.TV's 'Fiestas En Familia' Collection: A Holiday Extravaganza for All Ages

Explore a curated holiday collection that promises something for everyone.
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Canela.TV's 'Fiestas En Familia' Collection: A Holiday Extravaganza for All Ages

Canela Media is delighted to announce the launch of its highly anticipated 'Fiestas En Familia' holiday-themed collections. These curated collections will infuse festive cheer into Canela.TV's diverse content verticals, catering to audiences of all ages. From heartwarming movies and series to music, family-friendly content, and more, Canela.TV is set to make this holiday season truly unforgettable.

A Blend of Captivating Stories for the Whole Family

'Fiestas En Familia' promises a delightful mix of captivating and heartfelt stories suitable for every member of the family. The collection features classic holiday movies, kid-friendly content, and a faith-based selection that brings to life beautifully produced epic series and movies.

Canela.TV: Your Streaming Destination for Seasonal Joy

At the core of this holiday campaign lies Canela.TV, the ultimate streaming destination for Hispanic audiences. Among the highlights, fans of holiday movies can indulge in the four-episode anthology series 'Amor En Navidad.' The series boasts an ensemble cast featuring some of the most recognizable stars of Spanish-language television, promising entertainment that keeps on giving.

Celebrate Your Faith with 'El Espíritu de la Navidad'

For those who wish to celebrate their faith during the holiday season, 'El Espíritu de la Navidad' offers a comprehensive library of movies, series, and even a daily live-streamed mass, 'La Santa Misa.' From classic films like 'Jesús de Nazaret' to epic tales of 'Rey David' and 'Sansón y Dalila,' there's something for everyone, including programming for kids with 'StoryBook Navidad: Un Cuento de Navidad.'

Canela Kids: Holiday Fun for the Little Ones

Within the Canela.TV app, Canela Kids presents 'Celebra las Fiestas,' a lineup designed specifically for kids during the holiday season. It includes timeless holiday stories through the original 'Storybook Navidad' series and adventures with Franklin and his family as they explore the North and South Pole with a polar bear host in 'Franklin y sus Amigos: Explorador Polar.'

Canela Music: Turn Up the Holiday Spirit

Canela Music will get you into the holiday spirit with curated playlists the whole family can enjoy. Explore the collections '¿Se Arma el Karaoke Navideño?' and 'Unos Corriditos Decembrinos.' Don't miss out on a special holiday concert, 'Regional Wonderland,' featuring exclusive performances.

Reflecting on 2023 with '¡Ponle Canela!' and 'Canela News'

Beyond the holidays, '¡Ponle Canela!' and 'Canela News' will take a look back at the year's biggest stories with a series of specials. '¡Ponle Canela!' will highlight influential women in the industry in 'El Poderío Femenino' and Hollywood's top films of the year in 'El Duro Reto del Cine,' among other stories. 'Canela News' offers a summary of the year and a glimpse into 2024 in the special report 'Perspectiva.'

Reliving the Best Moments in Sports with Canela Deportes

Canela Deportes is set to wrap up an exciting year of sports with specials featuring the best moments and athletes of 2023. With over 15 specials across various programs, sports fans can relive the top moments from the world of sports.

Explore 'Fiestas En Familia' on Canela.TV

Prepare to immerse yourself in warmth and laughter with the 'Fiestas En Familia' collection, available now on Canela.TV. Download the app and enjoy the holiday magic for free!

For more information, please visit Canela Media's website.

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