Carbon Fiber Music's Franklin Martinez Talks "Transition" w Alex Quin

From Urban Beats to Faith-Based Vibes: The Evolution of Latin Music
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Carbon Fiber Music's Franklin Martinez Talks "Transition" w Alex Quin

On March 8, 2024, Carbon Fiber Music, a trailblazer in the Latin music industry, unveiled "Transition," an album that marks a pivotal moment in the label's history. Under the guidance of co-founders Franklin Martinez and the esteemed Latin GRAMMY® nominated Farruko, this compilation album not only heralds a new musical direction for Carbon Fiber Music but also introduces a lineup of emerging talents poised to take the music world by storm. "Transition" is now accessible across all digital platforms, encapsulating Carbon Fiber Music's defiance of conventional currents by delivering music that transcends mainstream expectations. This album features an array of artists including Emanuel Lara, David Muguercia, Aylin, Christian Ponce, and Lirios, with Farruko playing a significant role as both a contributor and A&R figure.

The launch of "Transition" was celebrated with an exclusive event, where Alex Quin was given the opportunity to engage with the core of Carbon Fiber Music's latest project. Quin's interaction with Franklin Martinez, CEO of the label, offered deep insights into the album and the strategic vision propelling the label forward. Martinez elaborated on Carbon Fiber Music's ambition to challenge industry norms and foster a roster of artists that could redefine the landscape of faith-based music. "Transition" showcases a rich tapestry of musical styles and collaborations, including standout tracks like "Iluminanos" and "Who Who" by Emanuel Lara, "Queda Nada" by David Muguercia, and "Eternidad" by Christian Ponce, to name a few. The album is also punctuated with notable features such as "Confia" by Farruko and Dalex, and a remix of "Hermoso Momento" that sees Farruko joining forces with Kairo Worship, blending urban vibes with electronic flair. Highlighting its chart-topping success, the album includes the #1 Latin Airplay hit "Pasa_je_ro" by Farruko, exemplifying the depth and diversity of "Transition" and its contribution to the evolving narrative of Latin music.

‘Transition’ Tracklist:

Ilumínalos – Emanuel Lara

Abajo – Christian Ponce

Who Who – Emanuel Lara, Nino Freestyle

Bless Mode – Menor Menor

Confia – Farruko, Dalex

Eucalipto – Gabriel EMC

Nada Me Falta – Ulloa, Gocho, Onell Diaz

Afrobocelli – Farruko, Ulloa

Eternidad – Christian Ponce

Quizás – Christian Ponce, Dalex

Te Siento – Indiomar

Chica De Altar – Emanuel Lara

DTB – Akim

Someone – Tati, Aylin, Jimmy Levy

Me Llamaste – Aylin

Sueño – Menor Menor, David Muguercia, Milly

Queda Nada – David Muguercia

Pasa_je_ro – Farruko

Hermoso Momento (Remix) – Farruko, Kairo Worship

Dulce Paz – Lirios