Claire Brooks Unveils Enchanting Single "Heartbeat" from Captivating EP "The Human Experience"

Los Angeles-Based Artist Explores the Essence of Humanity Through Retro-Futuristic Soundscape
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Claire Brooks Unveils Enchanting Single "Heartbeat" from Captivating EP "The Human Experience"

Singer, writer, producer, and performer Claire Brooks is delighted to announce the release of her new single, "Heartbeat," from her highly anticipated EP "The Human Experience." Set to be released on June 30th, the single marks the beginning of a musical journey that aims to encapsulate the intricacies of human existence and convey them to a non-sentient being.

"The Human Experience" is a concept piece that delves into the essence of being alive, serving as an artistic response to the rise of Artificial Intelligence in modern society. Claire embarked on a creative endeavor to synthesize the core elements of humanity and emphasize the importance of the physical human form through music.

In "Heartbeat," the EP's first single, Claire introduces the beating heart as a symbol of life and vitality. The track showcases Claire's unique blend of retro-futuristic soundscape, combining live instruments with the Juno 106 synthesizer to create a nostalgic, cinematic, and mesmerizing sonic experience. Listeners can expect an emotional and meditative journey as Claire's ethereal vocals and captivating melodies draw awareness to the rhythm of the beating heart.

Claire Brooks is a multi-talented artist who has been intimately involved in every aspect of her creative process. Music has always served as her diary, allowing her to express herself in the most powerful way. From her teenage years, Claire witnessed the impact her music had on people, forging emotional connections through her artistry. Leveraging her musical talents, she began using rap as an educational tool, educating her peers on various topics through her unique approach.

Recently graduating from Stanford University with a degree in mechanical engineering, Claire's music embodies a multidimensional approach, influenced by her love for math and the interconnectedness she perceives between shapes, patterns, and melodies. Her latest project, "The Human Experience," represents her ongoing exploration of music production, blending analog synthesizers, production software, and her own vocal prowess.

The cover art for "Heartbeat" embraces the color palette of the Juno 106 synthesizer and incorporates inscriptions from The Voyager Golden Record, symbolizing humanity's endeavor to explain life on Earth to extraterrestrial beings. The cover art beautifully captures the essence of the project, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in Claire's musical journey.

About Claire Brooks:Claire Brooks, a 23-year-old singer, writer, producer, and performer, is recognized for her distinctive fusion of indie pop, R&B, and electronic music. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, Claire's music takes listeners on a voyage of self-discovery and emotional exploration. With her retro-futuristic soundscape and thought-provoking concepts, Claire Brooks is carving her own path in the music industry and captivating audiences with her unique artistry.