Danish EDM Artist Matt Hawk Releases “Skeleton”

“Skeleton” Available for Streaming on May 17
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Danish EDM Artist Matt Hawk Releases “Skeleton”

Danish artist Matt Hawk is set to release his latest single "Skeleton" on May 17 via OneHundred/Spinnin' Records. Known for his pioneering fusion of EDM and urban music, Hawk's new track continues to showcase his unique "car music" genre while offering a fresh energy distribution.

Innovative Approach to Low-Tempo EDM

Following his March release "Hood To The Hills" with HEDEGAARD, Matt Hawk's "Skeleton" maintains his recognizable low-tempo EDM/urban sound. This time, however, Hawk introduces a different energy flow, blending emotional themes and inviting listeners to explore deeper layers of the mind.

Success in China and Beyond

While Matt Hawk hails from Denmark, he has found significant success in China, making his music career an intriguing mix of cultural influences. With 687,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and a growing fanbase on Instagram and Facebook, Hawk continues to expand his reach globally.

Musical Signature and Experimentation

"The process was different this time, leading to an interesting result," says Matt Hawk. "While it fits within my familiar low-tempo EDM/urban style, 'Skeleton' drives the energy forward with emotional themes and new sound experiments. It's a single that challenges the listener and offers a different expression."

Highlights of Matt Hawk's Career

  • Car Music Pioneer: Matt Hawk is known for his minimalist approach and genre clashes, setting him apart from other DJs. He began dreaming of a music career in his teens, mixing styles to create unique productions.
  • Notable Tracks: Hawk's single "SYMPHONY" reworked Beethoven's "Symphony No. 5," blending Nate Dogg-style vocals with car music elements. It debuted at No. 21 on the QQ Music EDM Chart in China and has over 4.9 million streams on Spotify.
  • Innovative Sampling: Tracks like "GANG GANG" and "HABANERO" feature samples from classical masterpieces, while "OneHundred" was created without samples and reached 1 million streams within 20 days, debuting at No. 17 on the QQ Music EDM Chart in China.

Matt Hawk's Distinctive Style

Among his friends, Matt Hawk is known as a "geek" and a master of musical coherence. His distinctive style combines minimalism with bold genre clashes, making his music both unique and compelling.

Connect with Matt Hawk

For more information and updates, follow Matt Hawk on Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook.

Matt Hawk's new single "Skeleton" invites listeners into a new musical experience, showcasing his innovative approach to low-tempo EDM and urban music.