Dareyes de la Sierra Teams Up with Larry Hernandez & Esau Ortiz for Smash Hit 'C-Armo

Dareyes de la Sierra’s Latest Single ‘C-Armo’ Soars as Larry Hernandez & Esau Ortiz Join Forces
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Dareyes de la Sierra Teams Up with Larry Hernandez & Esau Ortiz for Smash Hit 'C-Armo

The Mexican music scene pulses with new life as the iconic Los Dareyes de la Sierra collaborate with Larry Hernandez and Esau Ortiz, unleashing “C-Armo,” a track accompanied by a vibrant official music video that's shaking up the genre's foundations.

In an unexpected turn, “C-Armo” marks a bold departure from Los Dareyes de la Sierra’s trademark style—a style that has garnered them legions of fans. The single is an exuberant pop creation with a pulsating mix of norteño flair and electric EDM beats, a combination that promises to captivate from the first note. Now, fans and new listeners alike can stream “C-Armo” across all major music platforms.

Los Dareyes de la Sierra, renowned for their revolutionary fusion of traditional norteño with contemporary electronic beats, have once again broken new ground. “C-Armo” brings together an eclectic mix of pop and EDM with the rich essence of música mexicana, all while showcasing the distinct talents of Larry Hernandez and Esau Ortiz. The track escalates with an irresistible rhythm that’s sure to entice listeners to hit the dance floor, driven by the collective energy and passion of these Mexican music powerhouses.

Directed by the creative minds at Torohfilms, the music video is an unabashed celebration of high-energy nightlife. It captures Los Dareyes, Larry Hernandez, and Esau Ortiz right where they thrive—amidst the exuberance of a club setting. The video is a feast for the senses, with a generous pour of drinks, a flurry of money, and a fleet of luxury cars setting the scene for an unforgettable fiesta. The music video is replete with dazzling lights, vivid colors, and animated effects that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of a party anthem.

Experience the Energy of “C-Armo”

The music video for “C-Armo” doesn’t just accompany the song—it amplifies it. The visual feast Torohfilms has laid out invites viewers into an opulent world where the party is just getting started, and everyone’s invited. Whether it's the allure of the beats or the visual spectacle, "C-Armo" is more than a song—it's an event.

Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking collaboration that’s setting a new pace in música mexicana. Stream “C-Armo,” watch the music video, and let the rhythm of Los Dareyes de la Sierra, Larry Hernandez, and Esau Ortiz take you on a journey you won’t want to end. Available now on all streaming platforms.