Debi Nova Premieres 'Pasajera' Ahead of Her New Album 'Dar Vida'

The Costa Rican artist's new single is now streaming on all digital platforms, offering a fresh perspective on life.
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Debi Nova Premieres 'Pasajera' Ahead of Her New Album 'Dar Vida'

In an exciting update for music enthusiasts, Debi Nova, the celebrated Costa Rican singer-songwriter, has released her new single "Pasajera." This much-anticipated track premiered on Thursday, February 15, 2024, at 12pm EST and is now available across all digital platforms. "Pasajera" marks the second single from Nova's forthcoming album, Dar Vida, slated for release in May 2024.

"Pasajera": A Personal Anthem for the Present

"Pasajera" emerges as one of Nova's most intimate compositions, encapsulating her life philosophy of living in the moment and finding joy in the journey. The Latin Grammy®️ winner shares, "This song reflects my philosophy of life of flowing with the present moment and finding happiness in being simply a passenger on this journey called life." The lyrics vividly convey this sentiment, illustrating a shift from seeking control to embracing the passenger seat in life's voyage.

A Visual Journey: The "Pasajera" Music Video

Accompanying the release of "Pasajera," fans are treated to an official music video that brings the song's themes to life. Filmed in the Dominican Republic under the direction of Lennyn Salinas, the video is a visual representation of Nova's message, showcasing the beauty of surrendering to life's path.

Debi Nova: A Flourishing International Presence

Over recent months, Debi Nova has been engaging with a variety of projects across the United States and Europe, further cementing her status in the international music scene. Her roles have ranged from participating in the "Nace Una Estrella" program to touring with Kany García. These endeavors highlight her versatility and commitment to making a mark on the global stage.

Expanding Horizons: Tour Dates and Special Performances

As part of her promotional tour, Nova has been actively showcasing her music to a wider audience, including a notable appearance at the Latin Grammy®️ in Seville, Spain. Looking ahead, fans can anticipate live performances, including acoustic concerts in Puerto Rico, and headline shows in San José, Costa Rica, and Mexico City. These dates offer an opportunity for audiences to experience Nova's captivating presence and musical prowess firsthand.

A New Chapter for Debi Nova

As "Pasajera" takes its place in the hearts of listeners, Debi Nova stands at the forefront of musical innovation and emotional storytelling. Her upcoming album, Dar Vida, promises to be a testament to her evolving artistic journey, inviting fans to join her in celebrating the beauty of the present moment. With "Pasajera," Nova continues to inspire, offering a soundtrack for those ready to embrace life's ride with open hearts and minds.