Deep West Joins Forces with Moloko for "On My Mind" Inspired by a Surprising Vinyl Mishap (Debuting on Musical Freedom)

Unexpected Origins: When Vinyl Errors Breed Chart-Topping Tracks.
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Deep West Joins Forces with Moloko for "On My Mind" Inspired by a Surprising Vinyl Mishap (Debuting on Musical Freedom)

In a musical realm where unexpected collaborations often set fire to the charts, a new single is about to disrupt the sound waves. Deep West, the American DJ/producer known for several Top 10 hits from his past, has partnered with the iconic British duo, Moloko. Together, they've crafted "On My Mind," a reinterpretation of Moloko's evergreen hit "The Time is Now."

After years of producing and ghost-producing hits for other artists, Deep West took a sabbatical from the music scene. But now, with renewed vigor and a fresh alias, he's back. "On My Mind" marks his second release under this new moniker, and the story behind this track is nothing short of captivating.

What makes this collaboration so unique? For starters, the inspiration behind the track was an accidental vinyl glitch. While visiting a friend's house, a vinyl enthusiast no less, Deep West chanced upon the classic hit by Moloko. As he played "The Time is Now" on the vintage vinyl player, a needle glitch transformed the line, "You're the first thing and the last thing on my mind." This unexpected twist acted as a catalyst, spurring Deep West to head back to his studio and give birth to "On My Mind."

But that's not all. In an unprecedented move, Moloko, after hearing Deep West's rework, decided to contribute their original vocals for the very first time. This not only cements the bond between the old and the new but also introduces a fresh perspective on a classic hit.

Deep West encapsulates the essence of this serendipitous creation, saying, "Fueled by this unexpected glitch, I translated the moment into a creative revelation. Back in the studio, I produced 'On My Mind,' sampling this timeless club classic from Moloko."

So, to all our FAME readers, whether you're grooving in English or bailando en español, here's a track that resonates with the timeless and the contemporary. Dive in and let the music take over!