Defected Announces First Summer Residency at Ushuaïa Ibiza for 25th Anniversary

From legends to new talents: Discover the diverse array of artists set to perform.
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Defected Announces First Summer Residency at Ushuaïa Ibiza for 25th Anniversary




This summer, FAME Magazine is excited to highlight an unprecedented musical event: Defected, a name synonymous with dance music excellence for a quarter-century, is launching its first-ever summer residency at Ushuaïa Ibiza. This marks a significant milestone for Defected, celebrating 25 years at the forefront of the dance music scene.

The Lineup: A Fusion of Talent

Ushuaïa Ibiza will host an array of talent from May 7th to October 1st, 2024, featuring a lineup that reads like a who's who of dance music: Disclosure, DJ EZ, Eliza Rose, Folamour, Idris Elba, MK, Syreeta, The Blessed Madonna, and many others. This carefully curated selection promises to deliver an unforgettable musical journey, bridging the gap between emerging stars and established legends.

A New Era for House Music

The collaboration between Defected and Ushuaïa Ibiza signifies more than just a series of events; it's a celebration of music, community, and the magic that Ibiza embodies. Wez Saunders, CEO of Defected, shares his excitement about creating memorable moments on the dance floor, especially in such a renowned venue under the Ibiza sun. This new Tuesday residency aims to offer a perfect daytime experience for house music aficionados.

A Cultural Milestone

Defected's influence extends far beyond the UK, shaping the house music scene globally. As they join forces with Ushuaïa Ibiza, recognized among the top five clubs worldwide, this residency is a testament to their lasting impact on the industry. Yann Pissenem, Founder, Owner, and CEO of Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza, looks forward to opening a new chapter with Defected, setting the stage for a summer filled with music and celebration.

 Defected Ibiza 2024: Premier Party
Defected Ibiza 2024: Premier Party

An Unparalleled Party Experience

Defected's commitment to exceptional musical programming and top-tier production ensures that their Ushuaïa Ibiza residency will be one of the island's premier day-to-night parties. With a lineup that celebrates diversity and talent, Defected invites everyone to partake in what promises to be the ultimate party experience.

Tickets for Defected Ibiza 2024 are now available, offering an invitation to immerse yourself in a world where musical memories are waiting to be made.