⁠Discover VALENTINA's Latest EP "Veranito Sad"

⁠A Fresh Collection of Songs Exploring Love and Heartbreak
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⁠Discover VALENTINA's Latest EP "Veranito Sad"

This summer, the talented Dominican artist VALENTINA kicks off the season with the release of her new EP titled "Veranito Sad." This collection of five songs delves into themes of love, heartbreak, and the complexity of human relationships.

Released by Universal Music Group Mexico, "Veranito Sad" features three new songs: "Playa Rincón," "Voce x Copacabana," and "Whikicito A La Roca," a collaboration with Puerto Rican artist Lemuell. It also includes two previously released successful singles, "2 Traguito y Tú" and "1 Veranito Sad," which were launched in May and June of this year. These singles have already accumulated hundreds of thousands of streams across all digital platforms and have been performed live on stages in Miami, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, where VALENTINA has captivated audiences with her powerful voice and unique charisma.

A Unique Musical Blend

With her distinctive blend of pop, urban music, and tropical rhythms, VALENTINA captures the essence of contemporary romantic experiences in this new work, offering a unique and emotional auditory experience.

Rising Star from the Dominican Republic

Originating from the Dominican Republic, VALENTINA has created a pop proposal that is as impeccable as it is fresh. She fuses influences from ballad artists like Reik and Camila with current urban trends. Since her beginnings, she has proven to be one of the most promising artists in the Latin music scene. Her ability to create songs that deeply connect with her audience has earned her a prominent place among Latin pop lovers.

Track Breakdown of "Veranito Sad"

Veranito Sad
A melancholic reflection on the memories of a past love, set in a summer context. Valentina describes how good moments can be tinged with nostalgia and frustration.

Playa Rincón
An ode to the happy moments spent in a special place. The song evokes the feeling of wanting to hold on to those moments forever, even though reality is that they will never return.

Voce x Copacabana
An exploration of the inevitability of change in relationships. Although feelings and memories persist, things change over time.

Whikicito A La Roca (Ft. Lemuell)
A song about the difficulty of forgetting someone you still desire. With a more urban tone, VALENTINA and Lemuell capture the essence of the emotional contradictions present in some relationships.

2 Traguito y Tú
A fusion of urban and tropical rhythms that invites relaxation and enjoyment. It is also a celebration of sincere emotions and the hope that there will always be room for love.