Discover Your Perfect Summer Fragrance with Victoria's Secret

Experience the allure of guava, palm trees, and peonies in this limited edition fragrance.
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Discover Your Perfect Summer Fragrance with Victoria's Secret

As summer approaches, finding the perfect fragrance to accompany sunny adventures becomes a delightful quest. Here, we offer you top tips and advice on choosing your ideal summer scent, focusing on the enticing offerings from Victoria's Secret Beauty.

Victoria's Secret: Bombshell Escape

Tropical Escape in a Bottle

For those seeking a sensory experience that transports them to a tropical paradise, "Bombshell Escape" is an ideal pick. This limited edition of the classic Bombshell redefines freshness with a vibrant mix of guava, palm trees, and peonies, encapsulating the essence of summer. It's an invitation to a vacation in a bottle—who could resist?

Behind the Scent

Caroline Sabas, the perfumer behind this creation, aims to take us on an imaginative escape where nature blends with the most captivating tropical hues. Bombshell Escape captures the spirit of freedom and adventure, successfully transporting the essence of Bombshell to an exotic paradise with flair.

Iconic Confidence

For those who prefer the iconic confidence exuded by the original Bombshell Core, Victoria's Secret spotlights models Candice Swanepoel and Paloma Elsesser. Embrace your authenticity with this bold and timeless fragrance, which melds the delicate Shangri-La peony, sweet passionfruit, and the sensual vanilla orchid. Bombshell Core is not just a fragrance; it's a symbol of empowerment and self-expression.

A Day to Discover

What better time to find your perfect fragrance than on International Fragrance Day? Visit Victoria's Secret to learn more about their fragrances and take advantage of special offers.