Don't miss MTW Live's "Mujeres del Movimiento," an electrifying celebration of the women shaping Latin music today

A concert series featuring all-female performers is set to kick off with a show featuring Dembow artists such as La Insuperable, Yailin La Mas Viral, La Perversa, and more!
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Don't miss MTW Live's "Mujeres del Movimiento," an electrifying celebration of the women shaping Latin music today

MTW Live, a live concert company founded by Afro-Latina entrepreneur Diana Dotel, is announcing an all-female concert series, "Mujeres Del Movimiento", which will be the first of its kind to showcase the amazing women paving their own path in the Dembow genre. The tour will kick off in New York City on June 24th at the United Palace and stars an all-star all-female lineup including La Insuperable, Chelsy, La Perversa, Mely Mel, Lis Mar, Queen Parker, Yailin La Más Viral, and more.

Diana Dotel saw a need for women in Latin music to create their own space and have their own stage to share their music, passion, and dedication for the genre. As a result, she created the concert series "Mujeres Del Movimiento" to change the mindset of many and promote the expansion of female Latin music artists who have often been overlooked when it comes to main stage opportunities, despite their success on streaming and social platforms. This concert series aims to create equality in touring and is core to Diana's mission in creating "Mujeres Del Movimiento."

Dominican Dembow, a genre that has broken its way out of being "underground," has found itself playing in every corner of the world from the US, Caribbean, Latin America, to Europe. However, in a male-dominated genre, female pioneers of the genre are often not recognized for their contributions to Dembow. Diana Dotel aims to change that by shining a spotlight on the amazing women who have knocked down doors meant to keep them out and have embodied confidence and bravery like no other as they've taken control of their own narrative in Dembow music and have given themselves sexual agency.

"Mujeres Del Movimiento" is set to mark Latin urban music history and will create a space for female Latin music artists to showcase their talent and create their own path in the Dembow genre.