Eladio Carrión Releases Surprise EP "Porque Puedo" Ahead of Puerto Rico Concert

Eladio Carrión Releases Surprise EP "Porque Puedo" Ahead of Puerto Rico Concert
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Eladio Carrión Releases Surprise EP "Porque Puedo" Ahead of Puerto Rico Concert

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Just a day before his highly anticipated return to the iconic Coliseo de Puerto Rico, Latin GRAMMY-winner Eladio Carrión released his latest EP, "Porque Puedo" (Because I Can), catching fans and the music industry by surprise. This 5-track EP showcases Eladio’s creative flair and sharp lyrical prowess, with a focus on more natural, unprocessed sounds. Known for his mastery across various musical styles, Eladio stays true to his roots in the trap genre, embodying his authentic self through this latest work. Fans can now enjoy "Porque Puedo" on all major digital streaming platforms.

Eladio's Fresh, Homegrown "Porque Puedo" EP

A Homegrown Project with a Fresh Sound

Following the success of his album “Sol María,” Eladio took a personal approach with the "Porque Puedo" EP, crafting it entirely at his home. This project sprang from a burst of inspiration, highlighting his distinctive creative process. The EP’s standout track, "Heavyweight," signals a shift towards a deeper, more mature sound. Accompanying this track is a homemade music video that complements the EP’s relaxed vibe with a night-vision look, creating a serene visual experience.

Eladio Deepens Fan Connection with EP

Connecting with Fans on a New Level

Eladio's connection with his fans is a driving force behind his music. He explains, “With ‘Sol María’ leaning towards a more commercial sound, I felt I owed my fans some true Trap music. The creation of ‘Porque Puedo’ began while I was spending time at home with my family, and it seemed like the perfect gift for my true fans as they prepare to see me perform live at El Choli.”

Anticipation Builds for Eladio's Performances at El Choli

As "Porque Puedo" makes its debut, Eladio is preparing for a series of sold-out shows at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, scheduled for May 2, 3, and 4. These performances promise to be a highlight for fans, featuring hits from both "Sol María" and his previous work. Adding to the excitement, the renowned fashion brand FRSH COMPANY® has announced a pop-up store at the venue, offering exclusive merchandise to concert-goers. With his sights set on delivering unforgettable performances, Eladio is also gearing up for the next legs of his tour in Europe and Mexico, promising more thrilling shows ahead.