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FAME Magazine Digital Cover: Tiago PZK a Journey Through "Portales Deluxe Edition"

Tiago PZK has collaborated with several well-known Latin American artists, including Bizarrap, Myke Towers, Ozuna , LIT Killah, María Becerra, Yandel, and Trueno, further cementing his status in the music industry.
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FAME Magazine Digital Cover: Tiago PZK a Journey Through "Portales Deluxe Edition"

Tiago Uriel Pacheco, better known Tiago PZK, is an esteemed, 21 year-old artist whose multi- faceted career has grown by leaps and bounds in the past three years. Renowned for his versatility as a composer, Tiago PZK has created music that has ranged from trap to an emotive ballad, such as his 2019 breakthrough hit Sola, which has reached over 100 million views. Tiago PZK has collaborated with several well-known Latin American artists, including Bizarrap, Myke Towers, Ozuna , LIT Killah, María Becerra, Yandel, and Trueno, further cementing his status in the music industry.

Tiago's music stands out with its unmistakably distinctive and unparalleled voice, characterized by captivating melodies, dynamic rhythms, and whimsical lyrics. Drawing from his personal experiences and relationships, Tiago infuses his songs with an intimate touch. His exceptional talent for blending diverse genres like hip-hop, pop, and reggaeton has garnered widespread acclaim, further cementing his status as an artist with a truly unique and matchless voice.

Tiago PZK on FAME Magazine by Muaro Miy

Tiago PZK is back with the deluxe edition of his groundbreaking album, "Portales." This Argentine urban music sensation has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his distinctive mix of reggaeton, R&B, pop, and rock. The deluxe edition not only closes the successful "Portales" era but also takes Tiago's music to new heights.

Released under Grand Move Records and Warner Music Latina, "Portales Deluxe Edition" is a sparkling superproduction that perfectly encapsulates Tiago's essence. The album features 18 tracks produced by a dream team of studio wizards, including Evlay, Asan, Uanti, Big One, Tatool, Groove 2070, Zecca, Rvssian, Axel Introini, and La Creme.

The deluxe edition boasts five new songs, two of which have already been released: "Bemaste" and "Slow." "Bemaste" is an emotional homage to all-consuming love, while "Slow" explores the challenges of fame through a trap lens. Tiago also recorded exclusive versions of these hits during the Gallery Session x Amazon Music in BCN and VEVO CTRL Session in NYC, both of which quickly gained popularity on YouTube.

The album's other new tracks, "Que Se Parezca A Ti," "Me Olvidé," and "Muy Mal," are just as enticing, and fans can look forward to live covers of "Nosotros Remix" (featuring Maria Becerra and Lit Killah) and "Sex & Love." Both live covers were recorded during two sold-out shows in July 2022 at Buenos Aires' Movistar Arena.

Tiago's whirlwind, three-continent tour started with two sold-out Movistar Arena shows in Argentina and continued through Uruguay, Paraguay, Mar del Plata, Bahía Blanca, Rosario, Santa Fe, Cordoba, Tucuman, Salta, Neuquen, Trelew, Mendoza, Comodoro Rivadavia, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Spain, London, the U.S., and Mexico, and recently Tiago performed at the SXSW festival.

The tour reached its climax with a massive show for 20,000 fans in Monte Grande, a Buenos Aires neighborhood where Tiago fulfilled his dream of bringing a free, international-level concert to his people. All ticket proceeds were generously donated to a local cause.

"Portales Deluxe Edition" tracklist:

  1. Casa de Chapa
  2. Slow
  3. Sabor a Miel
  4. Nadie Más
  5. Bemaste
  6. Salimo de Noche ft Trueno
  7. Dámelo
  8. Sex & Love (Live Version)
  9. Me Olvidé
  10. Traductor ft. Myke Towers
  11. Entre Nosotros ft LIT killah
  12. Muy Mal
  13. Házmelo
  14. Hablando de Love
  15. Que Se Parezca A Ti
  16. Eléctrica ft IZA
  17. Entre Nosotros Remix (Live Version)
  18. Ríos de Sal

A FAME Magazine Exclusive Interview with Tiago PZK

How would you describe this album for yourself and what does it represent most about TIAGO PZK?

I would describe it as an artistic exploration, an album that isn't within the framework of a conceptual album but represents my personal stages. In all the songs, it's more about the person I am than the artist.

To decide which producers you want to collaborate with, what aspects do you consider? How is it working with producers like La Creme, Zecca, Rvssian, Big One, among others?

I like to work with producers who are open to receiving ideas that don't just come from their own minds; I like them to trust my ear. Good communication is essential. I have worked with many producers, and regardless of language or different interests, it's always a pleasure to connect through music.

What does having live songs on this new album represent for you and your fans?

The audio of a live song is an invitation to a concert experience. Obviously, the energy is much more intense live, but it's a sample.

What has been the best gift or experience that this album "PORTALES DELUXE" has given you?

Besides traveling to many parts of the world, learning to know and find myself both musically and personally. It's often said that an album is like a child, and as a parent, you learn a lot about managing personal aspects of life.

If you had to repeat one song from your album every day, which one would it be and why?

I don't like listening to my music once it's released; singing it at shows as often as I do is enough for me. But if I have to choose one, it's "Rios de Sal" because of what it represented at the time.

Tell us about your experience with the tour you had, where we found several important highlights such as the 2 sold-out shows at Movistar Arena in Argentina, the attendance of 20,000 people in Monte Grande, and the journey of being in 3 continents, sharing your music and connecting with your fans.

As for the tour experience, it's both magical and challenging, depending on your personality. I struggled at times to handle it calmly because life goes on when you're on the other side of the world, and personal processes get in the way. But it was all growth and motivation to come back stronger on my next tour. We earned the respect of all the countries and provinces we visited, and that was the goal.