Fehr Rivas Unveils New Album "Ser y Pertenecer" to Global Audience

Each track in the album offers a vivid exploration of personal and existential questions.
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Fehr Rivas Unveils New Album "Ser y Pertenecer" to Global Audience

In the ever-evolving landscape of music where finding one’s identity and exploring new sounds are commonplace, Fehr Rivas, affectionately known as "El Rockmántico," is set to dazzle the world with his second album, "Ser y Pertenecer." This album serves as an artistic testament to the search for meaning and connection in a world filled with distractions.

"Ser y Pertenecer": A Profound Musical Narrative

More Than Just Music

"Ser y Pertenecer" transcends the boundaries of traditional albums by offering a musical narrative that captures the essence of the human experience in its most expressive form. Known for his ability to encapsulate sensitivity in thought-provoking lyrics set to vibrant melodies, Fehr Rivas delves deeper into the realm of existential feelings, love, loss, and self-affirmation through nine captivating tracks.

A Bold Fusion of Sounds

In this latest offering, Fehr Rivas not only honors his "Rockmántico" roots but also boldly ventures into new sonic territories, incorporating elements of new wave pop that elevate the auditory experience. "Ser y Pertenecer" showcases his evolution as an artist while maintaining his unique identity and commitment to authenticity.

Balancing the Old and the New

Reflecting on the album's creation, Fehr Rivas shares, "The second album is the most challenging for an artist because you have to try to keep your essence while continuing to search for something new." In "Ser y Pertenecer," he achieves this balance masterfully, delivering a work that is both a celebration of the familiar and an exploration of the new.

The Meaning Behind "Ser y Pertenecer"

The album's title, "Ser y Pertenecer," encapsulates the duality of human existence: the quest for individual identity and the innate need for connection and belonging. For Fehr Rivas, this album is a reminder of the importance of recognizing our uniqueness while cherishing our connections with others and the world around us.

An Invitation to Dive Deep

"Ser y Pertenecer" promises to be an unforgettable auditory experience, an invitation to immerse oneself in a sea of emotions and reflections. With each note, Fehr Rivas weaves a story that resonates deep within the soul, reminding us that we are all ultimately searching for our place in the universe.

Lead Single: "Tú Vas Primero"

The promotional single "Tú Vas Primero," co-written with renowned singer-songwriter Andrés Suárez, offers a reflective look at our quest for external validation. Crafted to appreciate our own efforts and achievements rather than seeking others' approval, the song encourages prioritizing our well-being and reminds us that our worth is determined by our self-esteem, not external judgments.

Track List Highlights

  • "La Conquista"
  • "Fugitivo"
  • "Tu Amuleto"
  • "Inmortal" - a duet with Aleks Syntek
  • "Los Mala Vida"
  • "Dormido el Corazón"
  • "Lo Que Se Hace Por Amor"
  • "Te Quiero"

"Ser y Pertenecer" is set to resonate with anyone looking for depth and authenticity in music, promising a rich blend of lyrical introspection and melodic beauty.