Fundación Good Bunny Launches Educational Project "Un Verano Contigo" to Empower Children and Adolescents

Art, Music, and Sports Take Center Stage in the Program
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Fundación Good Bunny Launches Educational Project "Un Verano Contigo" to Empower Children and Adolescents

Empowering talent in children and adolescents in the fields of art, music, and sports is the primary goal of the inaugural edition of the educational project "Un Verano Contigo" (A Summer with You), led by the Fundación Good Bunny. This initiative joins the nonprofit organization's efforts to provide similar programs throughout the year.

"Un Verano Contigo" offers participants a unique experience through three distinct programs that focus on each participant's specific interests: art, music, and sports. The project, which began on July 10 and will run until July 21, is guided by experienced professionals who aim to foster the holistic development of each student. The program encompasses both theoretical and practical skills, with renowned figures from each field joining to share their expertise and insights, encouraging participants to explore their aspirations further.

Art enthusiasts will have the opportunity to engage in workshops on painting, ceramics, printmaking, screen printing, mask-making, sculpture, cartoons, introduction to dance, performing arts, film appreciation, music appreciation, and sound art. Moreover, they will benefit from conversations with artists and visits to relevant cultural institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Bayamón Museum, and the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico.

The music group, divided into two categories (general and advanced), will embark on a journey that encompasses music theory, culminating in the production and promotion of their first single. A vital part of the program involves interdisciplinary collaboration between music and visual arts. Participants will work closely with the art team to design album covers and create merchandise. The extensive curriculum includes collaborations with external resources such as producers, graphic artists, composers, and arrangers, who will be present during sessions to guide and advise the children throughout the creative process.

In the sports division, participants will develop their motor skills and engage in various disciplines while learning important concepts such as teamwork, goal setting, camaraderie, and leadership. They will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of sports and games in a safe and fun environment, preparing them for friendly competition.

"At Fundación Good Bunny, our purpose is to continue providing opportunities to nurture talent in children and youth, contributing to their development as leaders and fostering their vision of success in their chosen fields. We believe that initiatives like this not only enrich their knowledge but also stimulate their creativity, humanity, and create a significant social and cultural impact," expresses Lic. José "Che Juan" Torres, director of Fundación Good Bunny.