Hitting Home Runs in the Kitchen: Marlins' Chef Alex Paz Scores Big with New Menu

Experience the game-changing flavors at Marlins Park, where Chef Paz blends tradition and innovation.
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Hitting Home Runs in the Kitchen: Marlins' Chef Alex Paz Scores Big with New Menu

In a thrilling development for food lovers and baseball enthusiasts, the FMIAMI Marlins have once again elevated the stadium dining experience at loanDepot Park with an impressive expansion of their food concepts under the culinary direction of Head Chef Alex Paz. This latest update promises to heighten the gastronomic adventure on game days, offering a wider range of flavors and cuisines that cater to every palate.

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During a recent media event at the stadium, I had the pleasure of discussing these culinary innovations with Chef Paz. The updates to the park's menu not only build on the existing gourmet offerings but also introduce a host of new, exciting options:

Introducing Sliderz and Oppo Taco

Chef Paz has introduced the new Sliderz stand, a genuine smash burger concept, to the culinary lineup, offering burgers that are smashed to order with an exclusive custom patty blend. Alongside, Oppo Taco enriches the Mexican cuisine offerings with four different types of tacos and unique Chilaquiles Nachos, enhancing the already popular taco stand.

Cocktail Lovers Rejoice at Herradura Bar

For those who appreciate a good drink, the Herradura Bar, curated by Chef Paz and his team, serves tequila-centric cocktails, local beers, and signature drinks, providing a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the game.

Heavy Hitters and Intentional Wok

The Heavy Hitters stand, a concept developed under Chef Paz's guidance, infuses ballpark fare with a Floridian twist, featuring items like Gator Chili Hotdogs. Meanwhile, the Intentional Wok delivers delightful Asian fare, including dumplings, fried rice, and orange chicken bites, continuing to diversify the stadium's culinary offerings.

Billy’s Bites and La Tropical Brewery

Billy's Bites presents a kid-friendly menu with items such as hotdogs and ice cream, ensuring the youngest fans have delicious options, a priority for Chef Paz. La Tropical Brewery, the official Latin beer partner of the Miami Marlins, offers guests a taste of Latin America, complementing the stadium's food selection.

On the Horizon: New Food Destinations and Craft Cocktails

Under the culinary leadership of Chef Paz and in partnership with their ballpark food curator Levy, the Marlins have introduced new destinations along the Promenade Level, such as Naked Taco, Bites del Caribe, and The BeisBowl, offering healthier options, Caribbean-inspired delights, and more. The stadium has also welcomed new concepts like Queso Grande and On Deck Smashed Burger, catering to the demand for smashed burgers and unique quesadillas.

Additionally, guests seeking a new craft cocktail experience will find a range of options, including Tito's Handmade Vodka's ‘Marlins Mule’ and Bacardi's takeover at the frozen drink stand, further enhancing the beverage selection at the park, all under Chef Paz's innovative direction.

The Cubano Gigante and Cafecito: A Nod to Local Culture

Notably, the introduction of the Cubano Gigante, the largest Cuban sandwich at a ballpark, and the presence of locally owned Islas Canarias serving cafecito, croquetas, and pastelitos, underscore Chef Paz's commitment to celebrating Miami's rich cultural heritage and culinary diversity.

With these updates, loanDepot Park not only solidifies its position as a premier destination for baseball fans but also stands out as a must-visit venue for anyone looking to enjoy exceptional food and drinks in Miami. As the Marlins prepare for the upcoming season, the stadium's expanded menu, curated by Chef Alex Paz, ensures that every visit is filled with flavor, fun, and unforgettable baseball action.