Ivan Cornejo Announces MIRADA Tour and New Album Release

Catch Ivan Cornejo at Milwaukee Summerfest and Festival d’ete
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Ivan Cornejo Announces MIRADA Tour and New Album Release

(Photo Credit: Edgar Daniel Olazaba)

Ivan Cornejo, a rising star in Música Mexicana, has announced his MIRADA TOUR in support of his upcoming album. The 20-year-old artist is excited to perform in larger venues and reach new audiences, sharing fresh sounds and heartfelt performances.

New Album "MIRADA"

Cornejo’s new album, "MIRADA," will be released on July 18 via Zaragoza Records / Interscope Records. He describes the album as an exciting evolution of his musical style, blending his signature sound with new elements that push the boundaries of his art.

Festival Appearances and Major Performances

Ivan recently co-headlined the Sueños Festival in Chicago and is set to perform at Milwaukee Summerfest on July 6 and Quebec City’s Festival d’ete on July 13. Earlier this year, he performed at Rodeo Houston in front of 72,000 people, a record-breaking show for the young artist.

Reflections on His Career

Reflecting on his record-breaking performance, Cornejo shared his feelings of excitement and nervousness. "That was the most shaky I’ve ever been during a show," he said from his home in Riverside, California. Despite the nerves, his music and devoted fan base carried him through the biggest show of his career.

Musical Style and Success

Cornejo's music, a blend of sad sierreño roots and alternative-rock vibes, resonates with young listeners. With over 1.6 billion combined streams, he is a leading Música Mexicana artist in the U.S. and top 10 in the overall Latin market. His latest single, "Baby Please," showcases his mature musical instincts and emotional depth.

Career Milestones

In 2023, Cornejo achieved significant milestones, including a 46-show tour with performances at Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits. He broke the record for most tickets sold by a Latin artist at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, CA. Last year, he released the singles “Aquí Te Espero” and “Donde Estas,” both of which garnered millions of streams.

Critical Acclaim

Ivan Cornejo has received praise from various media outlets:

  • BILLBOARD: “Cornejo is leading a new generation of regional Mexican hit-makers that has redefined the sound and look of the decades-old genre.”
  • ROLLING STONE: “IF THERE’S ONE thing you can expect from Ivan Cornejo, it’s that he’ll get you in your feelings.”
  • VMAN: “For an artist who has only been performing live for about two years, Cornejo’s 2023 touring solidified him as a major player within the Latin music scene.”
  • PAPER: “He’s got this guardedness that somehow makes fans even more attracted to him, an analog soul in an increasingly digital world that feels like gold for young music listeners eager to find some sound to feed their souls.”
  • HYPEBEAST: “Musica Mexicana breakout star.”