Ivan Cornejo Announces 'Mirada' Tour: Biggest Tour of His Young Career

26 Shows in Arenas and Amphitheaters Across North America
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Ivan Cornejo Announces 'Mirada' Tour: Biggest Tour of His Young Career

Ivan Cornejo, the 20-year-old breakout star of Música Mexicana, is set to embark on the biggest tour of his career with the announcement of the 'Mirada' tour. The tour will support his upcoming album, also titled 'Mirada,' scheduled for release on July 18 via Zaragoza Records/Interscope Records. The tour kicks off with 26 shows in arenas and amphitheaters, promising an exciting experience for fans across North America.

“I'm so thrilled to start on this new tour, especially as I step into bigger venues and reach new audiences,” Cornejo shared exclusively with VARIETY. “It's been a while since I've released new music, and I can't wait to share these fresh sounds and heartfelt performances with everyone. This tour feels like a celebration of all the creativity and passion that's been brewing over the past years.”

The highly anticipated album 'Mirada' marks a significant evolution in Cornejo's musical journey. “My new album represents an exciting evolution, and growth of my musical journey,” Cornejo says. “Each track has a blend of my signature style but with a fresh sound that pushes the boundaries of my art.” Fans can watch the trailer for the album.

Ivan recently co-headlined the Sueños Festival in Chicago and is set to perform at Milwaukee Summerfest on July 6 and Quebec City’s Festival d’ete on July 13. Earlier this year, he performed a record-breaking show in front of 72,000 people at a sold-out Rodeo Houston stadium show, an experience that solidified his place as a major player in the Latin music scene.

“That was the most shaky I’ve ever been during a show,” Cornejo says from his home in Riverside, California. “It was a great feeling, but I could also hear my heart pounding. People often ask me if I get nervous onstage. And I do. I feel like, oh shit, this is really happening – but in a super exciting way.”

Cornejo's music, a sophisticated blend of sad sierreño roots and hazy alternative-rock vibes, has garnered him a devoted fan base and over 1.6 billion combined streams. His latest single, "Baby Please," has already amassed over 20 million streams, while "Donde Estas" boasts over 60 million streams. The emotional depth and sincerity in his music resonate deeply with young listeners, making him a leading música mexicana artist in the U.S. and a top 10 figure in the overall Latin market.