JC Karo Debuts Genre-Blending Album 'KARO'

JC Karo Blends R&B and Urban Rhythms in 'KARO'
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JC Karo Debuts Genre-Blending Album 'KARO'

(Photo Credit: Basilio Silva)

Cuban multi-talented artist JC Karo has released his highly anticipated debut album, "KARO." This album follows his debut EP "Saint Barth" and showcases a bold mix of genres that are sure to captivate listeners. Released on June 21, 2024, under the banner of La Mafia Urbana, "KARO" is now available on all streaming platforms.

JC Karo's Genre-Fusing Debut Album "KARO"
(Photo Credit: Basilio Silva)

A Blend of Genres

JC Karo's debut album, "KARO," is a testament to his ability to blend various musical styles. Using the Mexican Regional genre as a foundation, Karo incorporates elements of honeyed R&B and urban rhythms. The focus track, “El Error,” is a mariachi-urban fusion that exemplifies the album’s innovative spirit. This track, along with previously released singles like “Carro Caro,” “Otro Rato,” and “Fantasía,” highlight Karo’s knack for combining different styles into a unique sound.

JC Karo's Narrative Music Video Series
(Photo Credit: Basilio Silva)

Visual Narratives

To complement the album, JC Karo has created a series of music videos in collaboration with the production house Film Or Die. These videos follow a narrative of Karo meeting a woman and becoming infatuated with her as he navigates the streets of New York City. The videos are inspired by classic romance and neo-noir films, further showcasing Karo’s creative range.

Notable Collaborations

"KARO" features notable collaborations, including the track “Se Dejaron Ver” with Puerto Rican rapper Ñengo Flow. This song, which has accumulated nearly 500,000 streams on Spotify before the full album release, discusses themes of success and the ability to see through false friends and hidden motives.

Background and Influences

Born Jorge Campos Bonnin in Havana, JC Karo has made a significant impact in the music industry. As a songwriter and producer, he has worked with artists like Anuel, Farruko, Pedro Capó, Natanael Cano, Ovi, and Carolina Ross. His diverse musical influences range from pop and R&B to salsa and boleros, all of which contribute to the richness of his sound.

Album listening link: KARO

"El Error":

“Karo” Tracklist:

  1. “Carro Caro”
  2. “Se Dejaron Ver” x Ñengo Flow
  3. “Pobre Diablo”
  4. “Otro Rato”
  5. “Fantasía”
  6. “El Error”
  7. “Mi Favori”
  8. “El Mero”