"JET_Set.mp3" Released: EMILIA and Nathy Peluso's Latest Collaboration EMILIA Drops Sizzling New Anthem from .mp3 Album

The Final Surprise Track from EMILIA's Acclaimed Album
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"JET_Set.mp3" Released: EMILIA and Nathy Peluso's Latest Collaboration EMILIA Drops Sizzling New Anthem from .mp3 Album

The much-anticipated single "JET_Set.mp3," a collaboration between EMILIA, the urban pop sensation, and the dynamic Nathy Peluso, is finally here. Released today as part of Emilia's acclaimed album ".mp3," this track stands out with its themes of empowerment and celebration of female strength. "JET_Set.mp3" is now accessible on all digital platforms, offering a fresh anthem for listeners everywhere.

The Final Piece of the ".mp3" Album

"JET_Set.mp3" holds a special place as the only track from the ".mp3" album that remained unreleased until now, making it a delightful surprise for fans. The album is a musical journey that skillfully combines pop, R&B, dance, and hip-hop with a contemporary flair, reminiscent of the early 2000s vibe.

A Fusion of Style and Sensuality in VisualsSet against a backdrop inspired by the "Matrix," the music video for "JET_Set.mp3" is a visual feast that blends Emilia's and Nathy's unique styles. It showcases their sensuality and impressive dance skills, while the song itself promotes female independence and defiance against societal expectations. The video highlights Emilia's confidence and fashion-forward sensuality, paired with her distinct vocal style.

Emilia's Tour: A String of Sold-Out Shows

Emilia's star power is evident in her ongoing tour success. With over 18 sold-out shows, she recently added a massive performance at the Vélez Sarsfield Stadium in Buenos Aires, which sold out quickly, confirming her popularity. This follows her remarkable achievement of selling out all 10 dates at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires in just 10 hours, a feat that made her a trending topic on social media and a global sensation.

Emilia's Global Triumph

Emilia's success streak continues with her debut sold-out show at the prestigious Wizink Center in Madrid on July 6, marking a year of spectacular achievements. Her second studio album ".mp3" debuted as the No. 1 global female album, reaching fourth place on Spotify's Global chart and dominating the top spot in Argentina since its release. The album, which features the popular single "La_Original.mp3," has achieved over 356 million streams on Spotify, placing it in the top 100 global albums.

Emilia: The Urban Pop Trailblazer

Emilia's rise to fame is a testament to her versatility as an artist. Her unique blend of pop sensibility, songwriting talent, and rhythmic fusion reflects her personal growth and artistic evolution. As she continues to dazzle fans worldwide, "JET_Set.mp3" is set to cement her status as a pioneering force in the urban pop scene.

.mp3 Tracklist

Emilia's album ".mp3" features a diverse range of tracks, including collaborations with other renowned artists. The tracklist is as follows:

  • Facts.mp3
  • Jagger.mp3
  • JET_Set.mp3 with Nathy Peluso
  • Iconic.mp3
  • La_Original.mp3 with Tini
  • GTA.mp3
  • Exclusive.mp3
  • No_Se_Ve.mp3 with Ludmilla
  • 24_Hs.mp3
  • Muñecos.mp3
  • Ojitos_Verdes.mp3
  • A_1000_Km.mp3
  • Guerrero.mp3