Kanaan Brock Signs With 10th Street Entertainment: A New Star in Nashville

Global Artist Management Powerhouse Welcomes 25-Year-Old Singer/Songwriter to Its Roster.
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Kanaan Brock Signs With 10th Street Entertainment: A New Star in Nashville

March 21st, 2024 marks a significant milestone for the music industry in Nashville, TN. 10th Street Entertainment, a prominent global artist management company, has proudly announced the addition of Kanaan Brock, a 25-year-old singer/songwriter, to their impressive roster. Scott Frazier, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Nashville division, spearheaded this new partnership, signaling a promising future for the young talent.

From the Field to the Stage: Kanaan's Musical Ascendancy

Kanaan Brock, hailing from Rutherfordton, North Carolina, has an intriguing background that blends athleticism with artistic flair. As a former Division 1 college football player at Western Carolina University, Kanaan's initial passion lay in the sport. However, the call of music, a talent recognized by his mother and best friend, eventually led him to Nashville to chase his musical ambitions. Kanaan first captured attention with his soulful and smooth renditions of classic country and rock songs on TikTok, showcasing a natural gift that went beyond the football field.

The Meeting That Changed Everything

It was at a Bailey Zimmerman concert, an artist previously discovered by Frazier for 10th Street’s Nashville team, that Kanaan's fate would take a dramatic turn. Introduced by LECADE, a fellow 10th Street Artist/Songwriter, Kanaan seized the moment to share his music with Frazier. Despite the concert's loud backdrop, his voice stood out, prompting a formal meeting. Frazier recalls being immediately taken with Kanaan's vision and songs, convinced of his potential to be the next big name in music.

Kanaan Brock: Ready for the Next Chapter

Expressing his excitement, Kanaan Brock shares, "Signing with 10th Street Entertainment is a dream come true. Their reputation in the industry is unparalleled, and I am thrilled to embark on this new journey with their support." His enthusiasm for what lies ahead is palpable, as he looks forward to exploring the heights they can reach together.

LECADE, witnessing Kanaan's rise, remarks on his unique ability to captivate listeners, predicting a swift rise to prominence for the new signee.

A Musical Debut to Remember

Kanaan's debut single, "Sinner and Saint," offers a poignant look into the complexities of love through his rich vocals and compelling lyrics. Released on March 8th, the song has already made waves, featuring on prestigious playlists like ‘New in Country’ and ‘Soundcheck’ on Apple Music. The track stands as a testament to Kanaan's artistry and hints at the bright future awaiting him in the music industry.

Kanaan Brock's journey from the football field to the music stage is a story of transformation and passion. With the backing of 10th Street Entertainment and the support of fans old and new, there's no limit to the heights this talented artist can reach.