Karol G's Foundation Introduces "Rincón de la Calma" Mental Health Spaces in Schools

The initiative aims to provide private areas for emotional support in educational settings.
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Karol G's Foundation Introduces "Rincón de la Calma" Mental Health Spaces in Schools

Global artist Karol G's Con Cora Foundation, in collaboration with Glasswing International, has unveiled a new mental health initiative named “Rincón de la Calma” (Corner of Calm). This project aims to establish secure and private areas within schools where students, teachers, and staff can seek solace during times of emotional and psychological distress. Planned for cities across Latin America, including Guatemala City, San Salvador, San Jose, and Santo Domingo, the initiative seeks to address and mitigate mental health challenges among the youth.

Karol G's Foundation Fosters School Wellness Spaces

Creating Spaces for Emotional Well-being

"Rincón de la Calma" aligns with the Con Cora Foundation's mission to foster environments that encourage personal growth and communal support, thereby helping to reduce the stigma often associated with mental health issues. The initiative will introduce students and educators to various relaxation techniques that utilize auditory, visual, and tactile stimuli to help manage emotions effectively.

Karol G's Foundation Partners to Enhance Student Well-being

Building Supportive Educational Communities

Valentina Bueno, Executive Director of the Con Cora Foundation, expressed the organization's commitment to providing tools that aid in managing the effects of stress and trauma on physical health and emotional stability. “We are proud to collaborate with Glasswing International to create spaces that nurture mutual support and personal growth within the educational setting,” Bueno stated.

Celine de Sola, co-founder and President of Glasswing, emphasized the joint effort's potential to enhance the quality of life for many children in Latin America. “Our partnership aims to empower individuals to overcome adversity through robust education and mental health programs,” de Sola explained.

Glasswing and Con Cora: Empowering Communities and Promoting Equality

Glasswing International and Con Cora's Broader Mission

Glasswing International tackles the root causes and repercussions of violence, inequality, and poverty through various educational, health, and community development programs. Meanwhile, the Con Cora Foundation dedicates its efforts to empowering women and girls through sustainable projects that promote justice, opportunity, and capability. The foundation also supports initiatives that celebrate Latin culture, encourage girls in STEM fields, and boost women's sports, including sponsoring Tata Calderón in Formula 2 racing.

This multifaceted approach not only seeks to uplift individuals but also to transform communities, making "Rincón de la Calma" a beacon of hope for those it aims to serve.