LAGOS Drops Anticipated Album “Alta Fidelidad

Exploring Relationships and Personal Growth Through Music
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LAGOS Drops Anticipated Album “Alta Fidelidad

The pop duo LAGOS, composed of Agustín Zubillaga and Luis Jiménez, celebrates the release of their anticipated second studio album, "Alta Fidelidad," now streaming on all major platforms as of Thursday, May 16.

Discovering True Love's Essence

A Journey Through Relationships

Their new album's spotlight track, "Dime Quién," penned by both Agustín and Luis, draws creative inspiration from the game "Guess Who?" This song captures the essence of navigating through relationships—recognizing what one truly seeks in a partner after experiencing various connections.

"Alta Fidelidad": Twelve Collaborative Hits

Collaborations and Hits

"Alta Fidelidad" presents a collection of twelve tracks, featuring collaborations that enhance its appeal. Notable songs include "No Se Acaba Hasta Que Acabe" with the famous Mexican ensemble REIK, and "Blanco y Negro" with singer-songwriter Elena Rose. A surprising addition is "Tuvimos Futuro," a sequel to their popular track "Tengamos Pasado."

"Alta Fidelidad": Journey Through Romance

The Emotional and Artistic Tapestry

This album, written and produced by the duo, delves into the stages of romantic relationships with raw emotional depth. From early infatuation to confronting the complexities and uncertainties of future together, the album narrates a transformative path in the duo's music and personal lives.

"Alta Fidelidad": Authentic Creative Evolution

Rediscovery and Authenticity

"The path to this album was a challenge, requiring us to rethink and reshape our approach following our initial success," Luis Jiménez reflects on their creative process, emphasizing a shift towards authenticity and introspection over commercial success.

Agustín Zubillaga shares similar sentiments, noting, "This album is a refined expression of our growth and evolution as artists, drawing heavily from 80s pop influences like TOTO and Tears for Fears, as well as iconic musicians such as Lionel Richie."

"Alta Fidelidad Tour 2024" Announced

Tour and Live Performances

Following their successful preview performance at Tecate Pa’l Norte festival in Monterrey, attracting 50,000 attendees, LAGOS announced the "Alta Fidelidad Tour 2024." The tour will begin in Mexico City on August 23 and will include dates across Mexico, the United States, Europe, and Latin America.

"Alta Fidelidad" Follows Acclaimed "Clásicos" Album

Achievements and Acclaim

The release follows their successful debut album "Clásicos," which featured the smash hit "Mónaco." The track not only topped streaming and radio charts but also earned LAGOS significant accolades, including their first Latin GRAMMY®️ for "Ojos Marrones," heralding them as prominent songwriters in the Latin music scene.

Connect with LAGOS Online and On Tour

Connect with LAGOS

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This article captures the essence of LAGOS' new release and their journey through music and personal growth, inviting fans to explore "Alta Fidelidad" and experience the evolution of their sound firsthand.