Lazo Launches Innovative Augmented Ops™ Platform: Lazo One

AI-driven platform designed to streamline the complexities of managing startup operations.
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Lazo Launches Innovative Augmented Ops™ Platform: Lazo One

Lazo has announced the beta release of its Augmented Ops™ platform, Lazo One, enhancing its suite of AI-powered startup operations services. This new tool offers startup founders an AI-driven copilot for managing accounting, finance, legal, and fundraising operations, aiming to streamline and optimize these essential business processes.

Lazo One: A Portal to Startup Efficiency

Lazo One serves as the main customer interface within the broader Lazo Platform, which includes the Lazo Graph and the Lazo AI framework. Starting today, users can register for free at, gaining immediate access to dynamic dashboards and advanced chatbots capable of handling complex accounting queries with high accuracy and adaptability.

Seamless Integration and Intelligent Insights

By linking a QuickBooks® Online account, startups can import their financial data into the Lazo Graph, which intelligently organizes and defines financial concepts crucial to founders and finance teams. The Lazo AI uses this data to provide comprehensive insights across all financial statements and the entire history of the company, aiding in strategic decision-making.

Tailored Investor Recommendations via Lazo Graph

The Lazo Graph also taps into Crunchbase, one of the world's largest investor and startup databases, updated daily. This integration enables Lazo to offer personalized investor recommendations through intuitive AI-powered chat interactions, helping startups align with the most suitable investors based on multiple business variables.

Strategic Copilot for Startups

Lazo's Augmented Ops™ defines a new era in startup management by acting as a strategic copilot. This approach not only propels a startup’s growth by optimizing financial operations but also enhances alignment with potential investors, boosting the founder's ability to make informed decisions swiftly and accurately.

Leadership and Vision at Lazo

The platform's development and launch were led by newly appointed COO and co-founder Demian Bellumio, whose extensive background in scaling startups and developing sophisticated data solutions significantly shapes Lazo's strategic direction. Bellumio’s expertise is particularly noted in his integration of knowledge graphs with AI to create advanced systems tailored for startups.

Upcoming Showcases and Events

Lazo One will be featured prominently at the Lazo booth during the Emerge Americas Conference in Miami on April 18th. Additionally, Lazo will host a discussion on "The Future of AI-powered VC Intelligence" with partners Microsoft and Crunchbase, highlighting how Lazo One facilitates more efficient fundraising for startups. These events are part of a broader effort by Lazo to foster community building across major tech hubs during Miami Tech Month.