Letón Pé Joins Monsieur Perine for Debut US Tour

Supporting the Colombian duo on their Bolero Apocaliptico Tour
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Letón Pé Joins Monsieur Perine for Debut US Tour

Singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress Letón Pé is set to reach new heights in her career as she embarks on her debut US tour. She will be the direct support for the Colombian duo Monsieur Perine on their Bolero Apocaliptico Tour. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Letón Pé is poised to captivate audiences with her infectious energy and unique Caribbean-alt sound.

Letón Pé joins Monsieur Perine
(Photo Credit: Elisa Bergel)

A Perfect Match: Letón Pé and Monsieur Perine

Letón Pé expressed her excitement about touring with Monsieur Perine, a band known for its daring fusion of sounds and vibrant performances. “To me, Monsieur Perine is a band that has always presented itself as a daring exhibition of fusion and a wide universe of sounds,” shared Letón. “I make music that feels good and for others to have a good time, which is something they’re known for, and it’s precisely why I think people are going to connect with my opening show.”

Rising Star on the International Stage

Fresh off her debut in Colombia at BIME and the release of her first song of the year, "Good Enough," Letón Pé is solidifying her career internationally. "Good Enough" explores themes of heartbreak and self-discovery, resonating with listeners and showcasing her talent for creating relatable and emotionally powerful music.

More to Come

As Letón Pé continues to make waves in the music industry, fans can expect more music and exciting news from this rising star. Her collaboration with Monsieur Perine on their US tour marks a significant milestone in her career, and audiences are eager to experience her dynamic performances live.

Letón Pé's journey is just beginning, and her unique blend of Caribbean-alt sounds and infectious energy is sure to make a lasting impression on the US music scene.