Los Mesoneros Release ‘Su Lado De La Cama’: A Prelude to Their Fourth Album

The Emotional Depth of ‘Su Lado De La Cama’: Exploring Love and Loss
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Los Mesoneros Release ‘Su Lado De La Cama’: A Prelude to Their Fourth Album

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The renowned alternative pop rock ensemble, Los Mesoneros, has made headlines today with the launch of their latest single, 'Su Lado De La Cama' (Their Side of the Bed), setting the stage for their forthcoming fourth studio album. This new release marks a return to the band's origins, emphasizing the guitar's significant role and seeking to recapture the dynamic vitality of their live performances.

A Story of Love and Hope

Produced by the band itself, 'Su Lado De La Cama' narrates the poignant tale of being with someone for the first time post-breakup, harboring the desire to rekindle the bond with the one who once filled a significant place in their life. Accompanied by a music video directed by Gara, the track was recorded in Mexico City, encapsulating the emotions tied to love's complex tapestry.

Los Mesoneros Prepares for 2024 Tour
Los Mesoneros Prepares for 2024 Tour

Gearing Up for the Tour

Following a successful European tour and two full-house shows at the Teatro Metropolitan in Mexico City in 2023, Los Mesoneros are eagerly preparing for the much-anticipated release of their new album. This release is aligned with their planned return to live performances during the Los Mesoneros Tour 2024, with tickets already up for grabs for shows in Mexico this May and in the United States come September.

A Musical Odyssey Continues

The band is slated to grace the stage at the iconic Lollapalooza festival in Chile on March 17, with a sideshow at Sala Metrónomo in Santiago the following day. They are also scheduled for back-to-back performances at the esteemed Tecate Pal’ Norte festival in Monterrey, Mexico, on March 29 and 30. Here, they will perform alongside notable acts such as Blink 182, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Arcade Fire, and Limp Bizkit.

About Los Mesoneros

A Journey from Venezuela to Mexico

Los Mesoneros, initially hailing from Venezuela and now calling Mexico their home, consists of Luis Jiménez (lead vocals and guitar), Juan Ignacio Sucre (guitar and backing vocals), and Carlos Sardi (keyboards). Their impact on radio stations back home has cemented their status within Venezuela's and Latin America's rock scenes.

A Record-Breaking Ensemble

Their debut album, 'Indeleble', earned them four Latin GRAMMY® nominations, an unprecedented feat for a Venezuelan band. Their second album, 'Caiga La Noche', was a stepping stone towards international acclaim, prompting their move to Mexico. This relocation was pivotal in achieving sold-out tours across Latin America, Europe, and the United States.

Evolving Sounds

With 'Pangea', their third album, Los Mesoneros ventured into new musical territories, garnering hits such as 'Te Lo Advertí,' 'Pangea,' and 'Últimas Palabras,' alongside two more Latin GRAMMY® nominations. The subsequent years saw the release of two live albums, 'Live Desde Pangea' and '10 Años de Indeleble,' the latter setting a viewership record for a Venezuelan band's live-streamed concert.

As Los Mesoneros approach the final stages of production for their fourth album, their upcoming tour promises to be an exhilarating journey through South America, the USA, and Europe, showcasing their enduring appeal and evolving sound.