Ludmilla Wraps Up Coachella with a Blast of Brazilian Culture

The genre-bending artist showcased her roots with two weekends full of vibrant performances.
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Ludmilla Wraps Up Coachella with a Blast of Brazilian Culture

In a dazzling display of talent and cultural pride, Brazilian superstar Ludmilla closed her second weekend at Coachella, captivating audiences with her unique blend of Pagode and Funk-pop. The artist's performances were not only a showcase of musical prowess but also a celebration of her Brazilian roots, significantly marking her Coachella debut.

A Nod from Beyoncé and the Birth of #Ludchella

Ludmilla's impact was felt immediately, with her opening weekend performance receiving a personal endorsement from Beyoncé through an audio note, setting a high bar for the festivities. This gesture, coupled with Ludmilla's dynamic presence, sparked the viral hashtag #Ludchella, highlighting her as a trending topic throughout the festival.

Inclusion and Advocacy on Stage

Emphasizing inclusivity, Ludmilla used her platform to spotlight the LGBTQ community, sharing a poignant moment with her wife on stage. Additionally, she amplified the voice of Erika Hilton, Brazil's first transgender activist, through a powerful message during her set. These actions drew acclaim and support from public figures, including singer Lauren Jauregui, underscoring Ludmilla's role as a champion for marginalized voices.

Special Performances and Musical Milestones

During her engaging sets, Ludmilla introduced Ryan Castro, who joined her for a performance of "Piña Colada," a song released earlier in the month. This track is notable for being Ludmilla’s first full Spanish release, created with Colombian artist Ryan Castro, further illustrating her expanding musical horizons.

Ludmilla's Ongoing Journey in Music

Ludmilla’s time at Coachella is a significant milestone in her career, reflecting her continued influence in both the U.S. and Latin American music scenes. As she remains true to her funk-pop origins, Ludmilla is also the first Afro Latina to amass one billion streams on Spotify and ranks as the sixth most-listened-to black female artist globally. Looking ahead, she is preparing to embark on her tour, ‘Ludmilla in the House,’ promising more opportunities for fans to experience her dynamic performances. For more details on her tour dates and venues, click HERE.