Mark Wahlberg Stars in "Flight Risk"

Director Mel Gibson Brings a New Thriller to Life
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Mark Wahlberg Stars in "Flight Risk"

Prepare for an intense cinematic experience with "Flight Risk," starring Academy Award® nominee Mark Wahlberg. This suspense thriller, set to hit theaters on October 18, follows the harrowing journey of a pilot transporting an Air Marshal and a fugitive across the Alaskan wilderness. With trust issues and hidden agendas, the tension aboard the flight reaches new heights.

Wahlberg pilots in suspenseful thriller.

Plot Summary

In "Flight Risk," Wahlberg plays a seasoned pilot who must navigate not only the treacherous Alaskan terrain but also the dangerous dynamics among his passengers. Michelle Dockery co-stars as the Air Marshal responsible for the fugitive, played by Topher Grace. As the flight progresses, it becomes clear that not everyone is who they claim to be, leading to a gripping narrative filled with suspense and unexpected twists.

Gibson directs "Flight Risk" thriller.

The Creative Team Behind the Thriller

The film is a collaborative effort by Lionsgate in association with Media Capital Technologies and Hammerstone Studios. Directed by the acclaimed Mel Gibson and written by Jared Rosenberg, "Flight Risk" boasts a team of notable producers including John Davis, John Fox, Bruce Davey, and Gibson himself. The film also features a host of executive producers such as Alex Lebovici, Jenny Hinkey, and Ryan D. Smith, among others.

Stellar Cast

Mark Wahlberg leads the cast with his portrayal of the pilot at the center of the film’s drama. Michelle Dockery and Topher Grace bring depth to their roles, creating a captivating trio that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Their performances are set against the stark, icy backdrop of Alaska, adding to the film's overall tension and atmosphere.

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Film Rating

"Flight Risk" is yet to receive its official rating, but the suspense and thrilling elements are sure to appeal to a broad audience. Mark your calendars for October 18 and get ready for a ride filled with suspense, tension, and unexpected revelations.