Matt Paris Unveils "Bellaki" from His Upcoming Debut Album

A Tale of Desire and Seduction: The Lyrical Depth of "Bellaki"
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Matt Paris Unveils "Bellaki" from His Upcoming Debut Album

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Colombian singer-songwriter Matt Paris is setting the music scene alight with his latest single "Bellaki," a track that promises to be a cornerstone of his first studio album. Now available on all digital streaming platforms via Mr. 305 Records/The Orchard, "Bellaki" is poised to captivate listeners with its innovative fusion of Colombian vibes and the essence of the urban genre.

"Bellaki": A Narrative of Desire and Seduction

Produced by PLSBRAH and mastered by Mosty, "Bellaki" intricately weaves a narrative of desire and seduction, demonstrating Matt Paris' artistic versatility. The track skillfully blends traditional Colombian rhythms with the signature urban sound, marking another milestone in Matt's artistic evolution. With "Bellaki," Matt Paris invites his global audience to join him on a lively musical escapade.

A Night Out with "Bellaki": The Club Anthem

Matt Paris describes "Bellaki" as the perfect soundtrack for a night out, capturing the essence of clubbing and dancing with someone special. "It sets the mood for a night out with someone special," Matt Paris shares, hinting at the vibrant and lively spirit of the song, which is bound to resonate with club-goers and music lovers alike.

"Bellaki" Music Video: A Glimpse into the Nightlife of LIV Las Vegas

The official video for "Bellaki," produced by Kobra Aura and directed by Jason Martinez and Kristo Blanc, transports viewers to a night out at the iconic LIV Las Vegas. Located in the Fontainebleau Las Vegas hotel, the video showcases the city's hotspot for vibrant nights and unparalleled entertainment, perfectly complementing the song's energetic and seductive theme.

Matt Paris: Captivating Presence and Artistic Mastery

Since his debut, Matt Paris has steadily carved a niche for himself in the music industry, known for his passion for music and art. The Colombian-born artist's ability to convey his love for art through his captivating presence is evident in his work. With recent hits like "Pa Pa Pa," "La Duda," and "Diferente," the latter accumulating over 1.3 million views on YouTube, Matt Paris is firmly establishing himself in the urban Latin genre under the banner of Mr. 305 Records.