MGM+ Announces "Hotel Cocaine": A New Crime Thriller Series

Executive Producers Chris Brancato and Guillermo Navarro bring a thrilling narrative to the small screen.
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MGM+ Announces "Hotel Cocaine": A New Crime Thriller Series

MGM+ has just released an enticing teaser for its new crime thriller, "Hotel Cocaine," executive produced by the renowned Chris Brancato (known for "Godfather of Harlem" and "Narcos") and Guillermo Navarro (director of "Pan’s Labyrinth"). This sneak peek follows the series' worldwide introduction at Series Mania in Lille, France, setting the stage for its premiere on June 16. The show will unfold over eight episodes, concluding on August 4, with new episodes available on Sundays.

"Hotel Cocaine" Unveils Miami's 80s Cocaine Era

The Intriguing Tale of "Hotel Cocaine"

Set against the backdrop of Miami's cocaine boom in the late 70s and early 80s, "Hotel Cocaine" narrates the story of Roman Compte (played by Danny Pino), a Cuban exile and the general manager of the Mutiny Hotel. This establishment was more than just a hotel; it was the pulsating heart of Miami's cocaine trade, drawing an eclectic crowd from Florida's elite businessmen and politicians to international narcos, as well as figures from the CIA, FBI, and the glamorous worlds of modeling, sports, and music. Amidst this chaos stood Compte, striving to sustain the operation and chase his version of the American Dream.

New Stars Join "Hotel Cocaine" Cast

Stellar Cast Announcements

The announcement today brings new faces to the already impressive cast. Joining the ensemble are Don Mike, Pedro Giunti, Lola Claire, Matthew Del Negro, Victor Oliveira, Robert Beck, Sam Robards, and Candy Santana. They complement the previously announced guest stars, including Mayra Hermosillo and Juan Pablo Raba, alongside the main cast featuring Danny Pino, Michael Chiklis, Mark Feuerstein, Yul Vazquez, and more.

"Hotel Cocaine": Brancato's Masterpiece

Behind the Scenes

"Hotel Cocaine" is a creative vision brought to life by Chris Brancato, who not only created the series but also serves as the executive producer and showrunner. Guillermo Navarro, contributing his directorial genius to the pilot, joins Brancato as an executive producer. The series boasts production by MGM+ Studios, in partnership with Stan in Australia, and is distributed internationally by Amazon MGM Studios Distribution.

"Hotel Cocaine" Cast Expands

New and Recurring Talents

The series' depth is further enriched by the newly announced recurring and guest actors, bringing fresh dynamics to the already vibrant narrative. With Don Mike portraying the club's maitre'd and Pedro Giunti playing a key henchman, along with other significant roles, the cast promises to deliver performances that will captivate the audience and bring the tumultuous world of "Hotel Cocaine" to life.

"Hotel Cocaine" is poised to be a gripping addition to MGM+'s lineup, offering viewers a dive into the extravagant yet perilous world of Miami's cocaine era. With its compelling storyline, esteemed production team, and stellar cast, the series is set to make a significant impact upon its release.