"Mil y Una Noches": A Melodic Confluence of African and Latin Beats

The Powerhouse Collaboration
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"Mil y Una Noches": A Melodic Confluence of African and Latin Beats

Panela Rec Latin, a renowned international record label, artist development hub, and touring powerhouse, proudly unveils the much-awaited single, "Mil y Una Noches". This entrancing romantic number sees the legendary Anselmo Ralph from Angola and Venezuela's iconic Carlos Baute unite their voices. Available for fans globally, the track also boasts an equally enchanting music video available on streaming platforms.

Behind the Scenes of the Mesmerizing Music Video

Directed by the gifted Cláudia Batalhão and orchestrated under the creative genius of Chacha Zambrano, the music video promises a visual treat. The song, a culmination of rich musical legacies, is the creation of a star-studded production team, assuring a musical masterpiece.

Anselmo Ralph: Melding Melodies from Different Worlds

Anselmo Ralph, speaking about this collaboration, sheds light on the inception of the track, "*I always envisioned blending my traditional sound with Latin and Afro rhythms. The real magic unfolds when collaboration happens both musically and beyond. Carlos added a refreshing touch to the song, epitomizing the beautiful blend of African and Latin music*."

Fresh off his international hit "Sola", which saw him join forces with global giants Rick Ross and Soge Culebra, Anselmo's musical prowess stands unparalleled. Hailing from Angola, he has consistently enthralled audiences, making a significant imprint on the Portuguese music charts and beyond. His coaching role in The Voice Generation further emphasizes his commitment to fostering budding talent.

Carlos Baute: An Organic Fusion of Voices

Carlos, known for his multifaceted talent spanning singing, songwriting, acting, and dancing, shares his experience, "*The moment I heard 'Mil y una noches,' I felt a deep connection, both with its lyrics and rhythm. Collaborating with Anselmo was seamless, and this song is a testament to our harmonious partnership. It’s a unique, alluring sound that captivates with Anselmo's vocals.*"

Panela Rec Latin: Pioneering Global Musical Evolution

With this release, Panela Rec Latin reinforces its reputation for championing world-class artists. The company's foray into newer markets, including Latin America and the US, is indicative of its global vision.

Rony Padilha, the visionary CEO, along with stalwarts Tiago Araújo and David Guimarães, encapsulates the company's enthusiasm, stating, "*'Mil y Una Noches' is a monumental step in our journey. Our dedication to the global music community is unwavering, and this release is a testament to that.*"

In sum, "Mil y Una Noches" isn't just a song; it's an emblem of cross-cultural collaboration, musical innovation, and global expansion.