Myra Keyes Releases "Flower in the Brick": A New Wave of Indie-Rock Meets Punk

A vibrant collection of songs that combines hard-hitting punk with melodious indie rock.
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Myra Keyes Releases "Flower in the Brick": A New Wave of Indie-Rock Meets Punk


Chicago-based artist Myra Keyes, originally from Portland, Oregon, has released her latest album, "Flower in the Brick." This eight-track record, which combines indie-rock and punk elements, offers a melodic yet hard-hitting collection of songs. Known for her unique blend of Liz Phair's influence with The Lemonheads' style, Keyes brings a fresh sound that's both sonically stunning and colorful, reflecting her experience of synesthesia.

Keyes' album reflects synesthetic, harmonious songwriting.

The Color of Music: Synesthesia and Songwriting

In "Flower in the Brick," each song presents a unique color, reflecting Keyes' synesthetic perception which plays a crucial role in her creative process. This approach not only makes the album vibrant but also ensures that the music and lyrics maintain a harmonious balance. Keyes emphasizes that the mood of each song is meticulously crafted, with careful consideration to ensure that lyrics match the energy of the music, creating a cohesive auditory experience.

"Flower in the Brick": A Narrative of Love, Girlhood, and Reflection

The themes of "Flower in the Brick" revolve around love, the essence of girlhood, and contemplative moments akin to bathtub reflections. Unlike her previous work, which was introspective and darker, this album bursts with pop-driven energy and positivity, though it still retains moments of introspective depth.

The Making of an Album: Collaborative Spirits and Tight Deadlines

Recording "Flower in the Brick" was a dynamic and rapid endeavor for Keyes, who worked alongside engineer and co-producer Kendra Lynn at Jackpot! Studios in Portland. Despite juggling her senior year of high school, college applications, and other personal commitments, Keyes's dedication to her craft remained steadfast. The inclusion of musicians like Joe Mengis on drums and Anna Fritz on cello added depth and diversity to the album’s sound.

Musical Inspirations and the Creative Process

Keyes finds inspiration in various forms, including literature. The song "Wilt," considered the centerpiece of the album, was inspired by Maria Luisa Bombal's short story "The Tree." This song, described as a yellow tune by Keyes, captures themes of resilience and rebirth, mirroring the narrative's symbolic use of a tree as a companion and emblem of the protagonist's emotional landscape.

Future Aspirations and Live Performances

Looking ahead, Keyes hopes to gain label support while studying business at Loyola University. Her immediate goals include performing "Flower in the Brick" live and assembling a band to bring the full energy of the album to her audiences. With numerous new songs ready to be developed, Keyes is eager to continue her musical evolution and connect with listeners through her vibrant and heartfelt compositions.