New Album "Reflejos de lo Eterno" Marks Draco Rosa's 40-Year Milestone

The album features reinterpretations of iconic themes and celebrates life.
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New Album "Reflejos de lo Eterno" Marks Draco Rosa's 40-Year Milestone

Draco Rosa, the renowned Puerto Rican artist and sound philosopher, marks four decades of an illustrious career with the release of his latest album, "Reflejos de lo Eterno." This album is a deep celebration of life and eternity, highlighting Draco's continuous search for truth and wisdom in challenging times.

A Celebration of Life and Eternity

"Reflejos de lo Eterno" is a profound reinterpretation of iconic themes, celebrating music and Latin Rock. The album presents a unique musical experience, featuring eight songs previously popularized by legendary rock bands such as Banda Soda Stereo, CafeTacvba, Jarabe de Palo, and Los Fabulosos Cadillac. These tracks were recorded live to capture the genuine connection between musicians.

Minimalist Approach for a Unique Sound

The album takes a minimalist approach, incorporating drums, bass, and keyboards while deliberately excluding guitars. This artisanal auditory project is designed to delight the senses, offering a fresh and unique listening experience.

Track List

  1. Sin documentos - Los Rodríguez
  2. La negra Tomasa - Caifanes
  3. En remolinos - Soda Stereo
  4. Eres - Cafe Tacvba
  5. Me gustas tú - Manu Chao
  6. Kumbala - Maldita Vecindad
  7. Padre nuestro - Los Fabulosos Cadillac
  8. La flaca - Jarabe de Palo

Reflections and Inspirations

"Recently, I have been immersed in deep reflection on my personal search for tranquility and the wisdom necessary to navigate through life's turbulent rebirth. This work serves as a moving reminder of the enigmatic adventures that await us all. It embodies the divine presence that brings eternal peace in the midst of current chaos," explained Draco, the winner of multiple GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY® awards.

Multifaceted Career and Achievements

"Reflejos de lo Eterno" not only celebrates life but also Draco Rosa's multifaceted career. From his induction into the Latin Composers Hall of Fame to his world tours that transcend the typical concert experience, Draco has left an indelible mark on the world of music. His career is a mosaic of triumphs and challenges, solidifying his place as an icon in the Latin music industry.

Available on Digital Platforms

The album, available on all digital platforms from today, marks Draco's long-awaited return to direct connection with his fans through his music.

Beyond Music: Business Ventures and Philanthropy

In addition to his music, Draco is known for his authenticity and philosophical approach to life. His ventures extend beyond music, including a successful coffee business that shares the richness of Puerto Rican soil in every cup. His Monte Sagrado Reserve, a 100-acre farm in the mountains of Puerto Rico, serves as both his personal sanctuary and a luxurious retreat for meditation and healing, fostering a community focused on well-being and recovery.

Contributions to the Music World

With a vast collection of global hits and a solid fan base, Draco's contributions to the world of music are unparalleled. Now, with Aether Vox Audio (AVA), Draco, along with producers Héctor Espinosa and Habish Rosario, is marking a new era, pioneering the future of sound in the Caribbean. This incredible trio will open their doors to offer music production services to the world.

Recognitions and Philanthropic Efforts

Draco Rosa has traveled the world, filling prestigious venues and reaching a dedicated fan base. Inducted into the Latin Composers Hall of Fame and a recipient of multiple GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY® awards, Draco has been recognized for his achievements as a composer, musician, singer, producer, businessman, and philanthropist. He received an honorary title in Humanities and Business Administration from the University of the Sacred Heart (USC) in Puerto Rico and continues his efforts through his Vox Forte Alliance foundation, dedicated to helping cancer patients in Puerto Rico who need a bone marrow transplant. His Royal Isabela Foundation helps protect Isabela's coasts and habitats in Puerto Rico and supports students from the University of Puerto Rico.

A Beacon of Inspiration

With "Reflejos de lo Eterno," Draco Rosa reaffirms his status as a titan of music and a beacon of inspiration, taking listeners on a reflective and rediscovery journey through his eternal melodies.

For all the details about the premiere of "Reflejos de lo Eterno," updated information, and exclusive content, follow Draco on his official Instagram account @dracorosa.