"Ni Con Money" Marks the Grand Reunion of Akapellah and AL2 El Aldeano

Eight Years Later, a Much-Anticipated Collaboration Resurfaces
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"Ni Con Money" Marks the Grand Reunion of Akapellah and AL2 El Aldeano


Today heralds a significant moment in the world of Latin Rap with the release of "Ni Con Money," marking the eagerly awaited reunion of Akapellah and AL2 El Aldeano. This release comes eight years after their last joint effort on "Lo Que Te Mereces," rekindling the dynamic collaboration between these two renowned artists.

A New Classic in Spanish-Language Rap

"Ni Con Money" is not just a song; it's a lyrical masterpiece. Both artists elevate their writing to new levels, crafting verses and bars that promise to engrave this track as a classic in the realm of Spanish-language rap. The single showcases the evolution of their artistry, cementing their status as influential figures in the genre.

Akapellah's Artistic Mastery

Akapellah brings his signature style to the track. He reflects on his long-standing presence in the rap scene with a statement of independence and skill: "Truth is, I’ve been many years in the RAP scene without anything tying me down, it's just me and my pals. I honed the skill to slip in like hackers, infiltrated the system, and there's no one here to kick me out." His words echo his artistic journey and the mastery he has achieved over the years.

AL2 El Aldeano's Unique Perspective

AL2 El Aldeano, known for his distinct voice in rap, delivers profound lines that resonate with his audience. He compares the duration of his rap career to Nelson Mandela's time in prison, illustrating the depth and length of his commitment to his craft. This comparison not only highlights his dedication but also the impact he has had in the industry.

A Symbol of Evolution in Latin Rap

"Ni Con Money" is more than a collaboration; it's a testament to the continuous growth and relevance of both Akapellah and AL2 El Aldeano in Latin rap. The single serves as a powerful reminder of their enduring connection and influence in the genre. Fans can now experience this much-anticipated track on all digital platforms, where it stands as a symbol of their enduring legacy and evolving artistry.