Nicole Zignago Joins Forces with Camilo for New Single "Mimos"

The Peruvian Singer-Songwriter Collaborates with Colombian Hitmaker for an Exciting New Release
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Nicole Zignago Joins Forces with Camilo for New Single "Mimos"

In an exciting fusion of talents, Nicole Zignago, the Peruvian singer-songwriter, teams up with Colombian hitmaker Camilo for the release of their new single "Mimos." This collaboration is not just a significant milestone in Zignago's career but also sets the stage for what promises to be one of the pop anthems of the first half of the year.

A Melodic Powerhouse

Nicole Zignago brings to the table a powerful yet sweet voice, paired with an exceptional ability to weave engaging narratives through her music. A Berklee College of Music alumna, Zignago signed with Warner Chappell Latin as a songwriter in 2019, showcasing her formidable talent and promise in the music industry.

"Mimos": Emotional blend, artistic showcase

"Mimos": A Symphony of Emotions

"Mimos" emerges as an expression of raw emotions, blending styles and showcasing the artistic prowess of both Zignago and Camilo. The single serves as a testament to their creativity and passion for music, offering listeners a unique auditory experience.

On the Horizon: Zignago's Debut Album

Nicole Zignago is gearing up for a monumental year with the planned release of her debut full-length project in 2024. Following her nomination for Best New Artist at the 2022 Latin Grammys and her experience touring with renowned artists, Zignago is poised to cement her position as one of the most promising talents in the contemporary music scene.

An Invitation to Experience "Mimos"

Set to be available on all streaming platforms this Friday, March 22, "Mimos" is eagerly awaited by fans of both artists. We extend a special request to our readers to help amplify the launch of this single, which is bound to resonate with followers of Camilo's music and anyone who appreciates high-quality songs.

Included with this announcement are links to listen to "Mimos" and access promotional assets, underscoring our excitement for this beautiful song's release. We thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for new music, and we can't wait for you to experience the magic of "Mimos."