Orlando Mendez, the "Cuban Cowboy," Drops New Single "Motherland"

The single reflects Mendez's journey of cultural identity and connection to Cuba.
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Orlando Mendez, the "Cuban Cowboy," Drops New Single "Motherland"


Today marks a significant moment for country music as Orlando Mendez, known affectionately as the "Cuban Cowboy," releases his latest single "Motherland." The former Top-20 contestant on The Voice offers a heartfelt confessional that delves into his nostalgic yearnings for Cuba, a place of familial roots yet personally uncharted.

"Motherland" fuses country, Cuban identity.

A Fusion of Cultures in Music

Recorded in the famed Blackbird Studio in Nashville, "Motherland" emerges as a cultural symphony, blending the quintessence of country music with distinctive Cuban flavors. Mendez describes the single as "a song by a Cuban American for Cuban Americans," encapsulating his own narrative of cultural identity and the profound impact of his heritage. The track masterfully combines traditional country instruments with the vibrant sounds of conga and classical guitar, all underscored by a lush string orchestra.

Visualizing "Motherland": A Miami/Cuban American Effort

The accompanying music video for "Motherland" is a celebration of Cuban American life, crafted entirely by a Miami-based team. Directed by Carlos Dominicis of Cafeteria Films and produced by Jennifer Castellanos and Victoria Collado, the video is a vivid portrayal of the Cuban American experience, set against the backdrop of Miami's picturesque landscapes and Mendez's dynamic performance at the Country Bay Music Festival. It weaves a narrative of longing, belonging, and cultural pride.

An EP on the Horizon

"Motherland" serves as a precursor to Mendez's eagerly anticipated EP, Where I Am Right Now, promising more explorations of identity, heritage, and musical innovation. With "Motherland," Orlando Mendez not only pays homage to his Cuban roots but also carves a unique niche within the country music genre, inviting listeners on a journey through the sounds and stories that define him.