Ovy on The Drums and Myke Towers Launch 'Cassette 01' - A New Musical Era Begins

The dynamic duo's album promises a blend of rhythms and lyrics that resonate with fans across genres.
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Ovy on The Drums and Myke Towers Launch 'Cassette 01' - A New Musical Era Begins


In an exciting turn for the music industry, Ovy on The Drums and Myke Towers introduce "Cassette 01," an album that combines the essence of past musical glories with a fresh, urban twist. According to Ovy on The Drums, this project aims not just to reminisce about the great tunes of yesteryears but to forge a path for the music of tomorrow.

The Dynamic Duo's Revolutionary Collaboration

The chemistry between Ovy on The Drums and Myke Towers proved to be electric, with every studio session in Puerto Rico yielding something spectacular. It was this effortless synergy that sparked the decision to create "Cassette 01," an album that transcends the boundaries of the urban genre. Featuring tracks like "Desataaa," which sees the collaboration of Spanish pop-urban sensation Saiko, the album promises to light up dance floors worldwide.

Breaking Barriers in Urban Music

Ovy on The Drums, a Colombian hitmaker known for his work with Karol G and other industry giants, brings his award-winning production skills to this collaboration. The album showcases a diverse musical landscape, from the energetic beats of "Desataaa" to the emotional depths of tracks like "Amor Narcotico" and "Pobre Diabla." "Cassette 01" is not just an album; it's a bold step into the future of music.

From Studio Sessions to Global Hits

Recorded in Myke Towers' studio in Puerto Rico, "Cassette 01" is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. With tracks that explore themes of love, freedom, and the complexities of human relationships, Ovy and Myke deliver a project that resonates with listeners on many levels. The album's accompanying videos, inspired by "cassette laundering," add a visual layer to the auditory experience, making "Cassette 01" a comprehensive artistic endeavor.


As "Cassette 01" hits the airwaves, Ovy on The Drums and Myke Towers have set a new standard for what collaboration in the music industry can achieve. Through their innovative approach and undeniable chemistry, they've created an album that pays homage to musical traditions while boldly stepping into the future. "Cassette 01" is not just an album; it's a movement.