Paramount+ sets release date for upcoming original film 'Uno Para Morir'

Manolo Cardona stars in and directs the new global suspense thriller, which premieres on May 5th. Seven people, bound by their past, are forced into a morbid game in which they must choose one to die or face certain death
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Paramount+ sets release date for upcoming original film 'Uno Para Morir'

Paramount+ has announced the release date of UNO PARA MORIR, its upcoming original film that will debut worldwide on May 5th. The film marks the first time that Manolo Cardona has both starred in and directed a Spanish-language movie. It is produced by Manolo and Juancho Cardona.

Written by Julieta Steinberg, Gavo Amiel, and Manolo Cardona, Uno para morir is a suspenseful thriller based on Frank Ariza's La Terminal. The plot revolves around seven people who awaken in a mansion only to find themselves kidnapped and forced to participate in a deadly game. To survive, they must select one person to die, and that person must agree. The game continues for 60 minutes, during which the darkest secrets of each participant are revealed, revealing that they share a sinister past.

As they search for the person to sacrifice, each of the seven characters begins to defend their own lives above all else. This leads to a universe of suspicion and intrigue, where every character is exposed at their most intimate and vulnerable.

The top-level cast of the Paramount+ film includes Maribel Verdú, Carla Adell, Juan Carlos Remolina, Adriana Paz, Dagoberto Gama, and Fernando Becerril. It is produced by Paramount's international studio in collaboration with 11:11 Films & TV, the production company of Manolo Cardona and Juancho Cardona.