Ponyboi Premiere: Dylan O'Brien and River Gallo in a New Jersey Crime Story

A suspenseful crime story intertwined with an exploration of gender and identity.
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Ponyboi Premiere: Dylan O'Brien and River Gallo in a New Jersey Crime Story

SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL – "Ponyboi," which was written and starred by River Gallo and directed by Esteban Arango, gave one of the most memorable performances. Filmed on a single Valentine's Day night that takes a dark turn with drugs, chases, violence, and murder sparked by bad crystal meth provided by Ponyboi's boss Vinny - played by a perfectly vile Dylan O'Brien, the story revolves around Ponyboi, an intersex sex worker brilliantly portrayed by River Gallo. The story gets more intense as Ponyboi steals a bag full of mob money in the middle of the mayhem, gets chased by Vinny and the mob, and deals with his sick father who he is alienated from.

Gallo is positioned as a rising talent with the potential to be recognized both on the indie circuit and in mainstream accolades because of their performance in "Ponyboi". In the movie, Gallo exudes an electrifying presence that evokes the fearless energy of a young Marissa Tomei and the fierce energy of an Al Pacino from the 1970s. With their strong performances, Dylan O'Brien, Victoria Pedretti, Murray Bartlett, and Indya Moore are among the supporting cast members who deepen the intensity of the movie. The film maintains its appeal even when it explores topics like Ponyboi's identity in ways that may come across as didactic, providing a fresh viewpoint for viewers unfamiliar to watching intersex representation in film.