"Por La Familia" Video Launch: Carin León Teams Up with BorderKid and F1 Sensation Checo Perez.

A Cinematic Treat: Carin León Merges Musical Mastery with Formula 1 Glamour in Latest Release.
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"Por La Familia" Video Launch: Carin León Teams Up with BorderKid and F1 Sensation Checo Perez.

The music world is abuzz as global Mexican sensation, Carin León, drops the much-anticipated video for his hit song, "Por La Familia." The visual treat features the exceptional talent of BorderKid, produced by the eminent Edgar Barrera. But the surprise doesn't end there; the video is a collaboration between Cash App and ace director Stillz, renowned for his work with icons like Bad Bunny, Lil Nas X, and Rosalía. And if you're keeping an eye out for cameos, you'll spot Red Bull Racing’s sensation Sergio “Checo” Perez gracing the video with his presence.

Diving into the essence of the track, León reflects, "always looking forward, I never look back." The song and its visual counterpart are a heartfelt nod to León and Checo's shared Mexican lineage, encapsulating a narrative of tenacity and grit.

On collaborating for the music video, Sergio "Checo" Perez expressed his enthusiasm, “The chance to team up with Carin was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. It's always a thrill to work alongside artists deeply rooted in their culture, delivering joy to their audience. 'Por La Familia' strikes a personal chord with me, and I'm thankful to Cash App for orchestrating such a distinctive venture.”

The poignant “Por La Familia” paints a León determinedly gazing towards the future, distancing himself from naysayers and skeptics.

Carin and Edgar's collaboration isn’t a first. Their combined magic was witnessed in 2022 with the chart-topping "Que Vuelvas" by Carin León and Grupo Frontera, thanks to the fresh venture, BorderKid by Edgar Barrera.

Fresh off his "Colmillo de Leche Tour," León's momentum is unstoppable. The tour, spanning 38 dates, witnessed packed venues from LA’s Arena to Miami’s Kaseya Center.

Leon's Colmillo de Leche
Leon's Colmillo de Leche

His album, Colmillo de Leche, has been nothing short of a sensation since its release in May. NPR Music labels León as a "game changer," while Billboard and Rolling Stone shower accolades, ranking the album among the year's best.

With his single “Primera Cita” scaling the Spotify Global chart, and his collaboration with Maluma, "Según Quién", gaining traction, León's star is undeniably on the rise. Reflecting on Colmillo de Leche, he says, “It's one of my most cherished projects. It's an amalgamation of diverse genres that have moulded me. The heart remains Regional Mexican, but it pulses with hints of flamenco, country, and blues. This fusion is not just refreshing for me, but also for the Regional Mexican genre.”