Premios Juventud 2024 Nominees Announced

Leading Nominees Include Carín León, Maluma, and Peso Pluma
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Premios Juventud 2024 Nominees Announced

Pedro el Rapero, a talented 13-year-old from Barquisimeto, Venezuela, has achieved a significant milestone in his budding music career. With his latest single "Padre," an emotional tribute that went viral on Father's Day, Pedro has broken social media records and captured the hearts of many.

Early Breakthrough and Growing Fame

Pedro's rise to fame began with a standout performance at the Poliedro de Caracas during El Alfa's concert. His stage presence and energy quickly garnered attention, leading to consistent performances throughout Venezuela. Plans are already in motion for future international concerts in Argentina, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala.

A Heartfelt Tribute

Discussing his new song, Pedro shared, “Creating this song inspired by my dad was a unique experience that fills me with joy. My team and I aimed to inspire others to connect with their loved ones and express their love through music. The lyrics are heartfelt, designed to resonate deeply with listeners.”

Pedro added, “I hope this song inspires people to honor their parents and recognize all they do for us. I also want to share my music with the world and encourage others to pursue their dreams. If someone doesn’t have a dad, they can dedicate it to God, who is our protector.”

Simplicity and Impact

The music video for "Padre" is a straightforward production featuring Pedro with his guitar, allowing the song's essence to shine through and fostering a strong connection with the audience. This simplicity has resonated with fans, earning the video over 4 million views on social media.

Touching Hearts and Inspiring Dreams

Pedro expressed his happiness about the song's reception, saying, “Many people have written to me saying that the song has inspired them. I’m very happy to have created something that has touched the hearts of so many.”

He hopes to continue making music that resonates with audiences and helps him achieve his dreams, while inspiring others with his genuine passion for music and heartfelt lyrics.