Striking a Chord for Education: The School Drive Powered by Women in Music, Puttshack, and Girls Make Beats

Wisdom Sessions: Local Industry Leaders Share Stories with Eager Ears.
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Striking a Chord for Education: The School Drive Powered by Women in Music, Puttshack, and Girls Make Beats

So, I got to hang out at this cool back-to-school drive in Brickell City Centre, Miami, and it was a pleasant surprise. Three epic teams - Women in Music, Girls Make Beats (GMB), and Puttshack - came together for a back-to-school drive that was as fun as it was meaningful. GMB, founded by the powerhouse Tiffany "Delilah" Miranda back in 2012, is all about leveling up the game for young girls, ages 5-17, in music production, DJing, and audio engineering. Their motto? Why let boys have all the fun? With camps, seminars, and cool events, they're creating some amazing opportunities for the next gen of female music moguls.

@fame.magazine 📝 Music, empowerment, & mini-golf make for the perfect day! Congrats, @girlsmakebeats, Women in Music, & Puttshack in Brickell for this meaningful back to school drive. 🎤🏌‍♀️✨ #FAMEMag #FAMEMAGAZINE ♬ original sound - Bruh

But back to the drive! The ambiance was about giving and helping, and local entertainment industry leaders showed up to give a hand. We're talking Hector Mendez, Nayira Castellanos, Viviana Venero, Stephanie Hernandez, Shiereen Ahram, Gabriela Ortega, Stichiz, and more. After everyone filled up on some tasty food and drinks (big thanks to Puttshack for that), a few of these industry leaders shared their stories and wisdom. The young ladies from GMB hung onto every word, and honestly? It was incredibly heartwarming to see.

And if you think a day about music couldn’t include some fun gaming, think again! Post-chat, everyone got their swing on with a tech-infused mini golf game. Yep, Puttshack isn't just about food; they know how to mix golf and tech for some fun rounds that even non-golfers (like me) can get behind.

A quick side note about Women in Music - these girls have been pushing for gender equality in music since 1985, and their community stretches from LA to Japan. So yeah, they’re kind of a big deal.

So, what's the takeaway? Good music, good vibes, and great people can come together to create something magical. Until next time, keep the beats flowing and the dreams growing! 🎵🎤🏌‍♀️🌟