R3HAB Teams Up with VIZE and JP Cooper for the New Hit "Jet Plane"

A Captivating Mix of Melodies and Minimal Basslines in Latest Release
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R3HAB Teams Up with VIZE and JP Cooper for the New Hit "Jet Plane"

The dynamic trio of R3HAB, VIZE, and JP Cooper has made a striking return with their new track "Jet Plane." This song features minimal basslines and mesmerizing melodies, beautifully complemented by JP Cooper's soulful vocals. "Jet Plane" not only reflects on the year gone by but also sets an uplifting tone for 2024. This release follows their successful collaborations on "One Last Time" in 2022 and "Runaway" in 2021.

A Year of Triumphs for R3HAB

2023 was a remarkable year for R3HAB, marked by collaborations with renowned artists like Tiësto, INNA, Michael Schulte, and AFROJACK. These partnerships contributed to an astonishing 1 billion annual streams. As his first release of 2024, "Jet Plane" continues R3HAB's streak of musical innovation and success.

A Year of Triumphs for R3HAB
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The Inspiration Behind "Jet Plane"

R3HAB shares his enthusiasm for working again with VIZE, recalling their previous hit "One Last Time." He describes "Jet Plane" as a dance track with nostalgic elements, capturing the essence of longing for one more chance and the peace of a long flight. This blend of emotions resonates with R3HAB's touring experiences, making the track a personal and creative milestone.

VIZE and JP Cooper on Collaborating Again

VIZE expresses honor in teaming up once more with R3HAB and having JP Cooper's distinguished vocals on board. JP Cooper, equally excited about this collaboration, hopes "Jet Plane" will be part of memorable experiences for listeners, marking a joyous start to the new year.

R3HAB: A Trailblazer in Dance Music

Fadil El Ghoul, better known as R3HAB, has been a prominent figure in dance music for fifteen years. His remixes for top artists like Rihanna, Drake, and Taylor Swift, along with original hits like "All Around The World (La La La)," have earned him global recognition. Accumulating over 10 billion streams, R3HAB stands as one of Spotify's top-streamed artists and a multi-platinum DJ and producer.

VIZE: Rising Stars in the European Music Scene

In just four years, VIZE has made a significant impact in Germany and Europe, amassing over 2.5 billion streams and numerous awards. Known for their vibrant live performances, they have graced stages across Europe and Asia, including renowned festivals like Tomorrowland and Parookaville.

JP Cooper: From Manchester to Global Success

JP Cooper's journey in the music industry is marked by dedication and talent. With hits like "Perfect Strangers" and "September Song," his 2017 debut album "Raised Under Grey Skies" sold over 1.5 million copies. Cooper's consistent success is evident in his 5 billion total streams and a strong base of 11 million monthly Spotify listeners.

A Trio of Musical Mastery

The collaboration between R3HAB, VIZE, and JP Cooper on "Jet Plane" symbolizes a fusion of unique talents and musical styles. This track not only celebrates their individual successes but also marks the beginning of another exciting year in music, promising to resonate with fans across the globe.