Residente Unveils New Single '313' with Penélope Cruz

The single and music video '313' highlights the inextricable link between life and time.
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Residente Unveils New Single '313' with Penélope Cruz

Following his successful debut as a leading actor in Alessandra Lacorazza's independent film "En los Veranos" at the Sundance Film Festival 2024, where the film won a jury prize, René Pérez Joglar, better known as Residente, has released his new single and music video, "313". The song features the iconic and globally renowned actress, Penélope Cruz, who artistically pays tribute to time in the music video. "313" is an audiovisual piece that serves as a call to cherish every moment life offers, underlining the concept that there is no life without time.

The Essence of Time and Life

The music video opens with a narrative by Penélope Cruz about the significance of life and time. Set in a garden during the autumn season and under the daylight piercing through the clouds, viewers are introduced to dancers floating in the air, symbolizing being frozen in time. A floating window in the distance observes from within, where life, personified by Penélope Cruz, resides. Initially motionless, Cruz begins to move as a dozen dancers emerge from her body, illustrating the awakening of life through time.

A Choreographed Expression of Existence

The dancers embody time, engaging in a choreographed discharge that reproduces the living being portrayed by Residente. In a pivotal moment, one dancer takes Residente's voice, passing it amongst them until it reaches Penélope. With Residente's voice, Cruz narrates while simultaneously controlling Residente's movements, symbolizing life's control over living beings. This dance between life, beings, and time is a core theme of the video, directed by Residente and produced by 1868 Studios in collaboration with World Junkies. The video was released by 5020 Records, a new label under SONY Music U.S.A.

A Fusion of Talents

Featuring a stunning vocal performance by the award-winning Spanish singer, Silvia Pérez Cruz, the video was filmed in Segovia, Spain, and choreographed by the globally recognized Brazilian choreographer, Juliano Nunes. This collaboration highlights a blend of talents and artistic visions, showcasing a profound cinematic and artistic approach to music video production.

An Anticipated Album Release

Residente also announced that his second solo album, "Las Letras Ya No Importan", will officially launch on February 22, 2024, at 7 pm EST, promising more developments in the days leading up to the release. As an award-winning Latin rapper, songwriter, producer, filmmaker, activist, and actor known for directing his music videos with a deep cinematic and artistic focus, Residente continues to push the boundaries of music and visual storytelling.

"313" is now available on all digital platforms, marking another milestone in Residente's illustrious career as he blends music, narrative, and visual art in a way that captivates and moves audiences globally.