Ricardo Montaner Releases New Album "Versión Montaner"

New album aims to connect with both old and new fans
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Ricardo Montaner Releases New Album "Versión Montaner"

Ricardo Montaner, the beloved singer-songwriter known for his enveloping melodies and unmistakable voice, is set to captivate a new generation of listeners with his latest musical project, "Ricardo Montaner" (Versión Montaner). This album aims to deepen the connection with his long-time fans and introduce his timeless music to younger audiences.

A Nostalgic and Modern Sound

The production of "Versión Montaner" was spearheaded by Montaner himself, with Dario Moscatelli handling the musical arrangements. This highly anticipated release includes re-recordings of some of Montaner's most significant songs, such as "Yo Que Te Amé," "Uno Del Otro," "Necesito De Ti," "Vamos A Dejarlo," "En Ti," "Dame Un Mañana," "Extraño Sentimiento," and "Ojos Negros." The latter holds particular sentimental value as it was the first music video of his career, directed by his wife Marlene Rodríguez Miranda during the early days of their relationship.

A Message from Montaner

Reflecting on the album, Montaner shared, "After so much time, today I feel the joy of re-recording my first albums to give you the possibility of listening to them as you deserve, with today's sound, but with the history, nostalgia, and melancholy of my first steps, my legacy of life and career for you, for my children, and for the generations to come."

A New Chapter in Montaner's Career

While Montaner has stepped back from live performances, dedicating his time entirely to the studio, he continues to work on recording both these re-imagined tracks and other unreleased songs that will be shared in the near future. His commitment to music remains unwavering, even as he navigates this new phase of his career.

Celebrated at the Latin AMAs

In April, Montaner released "Yo Que Te Amé" (Montaner Version), the first single and accompanying video from the album. This release coincided with the Latin American Music Awards, where Montaner not only performed his new single live but also received the prestigious "Latin AMA Legacy Award." This honor recognizes his extraordinary contributions to music and his lasting impact on the industry.

Available Now

"Ricardo Montaner" (Versión Montaner) is now available on all digital platforms, allowing fans old and new to experience the rich legacy and modern sound of this iconic artist.

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