Santa Fe Klan Scores Prestigious Nomination for Song Of The Year at Premio Lo Nuestro

The Mexican Star's Unique Sound Captivates the Latin Music Industry
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Santa Fe Klan Scores Prestigious Nomination for Song Of The Year at Premio Lo Nuestro

Ángel Quezada, better known as Santa Fe Klan, the dynamic Mexican-rising star, has achieved a significant milestone with his nomination for Song Of The Year in Música Mexicana at the 36th edition of Premio Lo Nuestro. This prestigious event is scheduled to take place at the Kaseya Center on Thursday, February 22, at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT, marking an important evening for Latin music.

Santa Fe Klan's Journey to the Nomination

Canción Del Año - Música Mexicana (Mexican Music - Song Of The Year)

Since beginning his singing-songwriting career at the young age of 12, Santa Fe Klan has worked tirelessly to establish himself as one of the most prolific and influential Latin performers. His distinctive and powerful sound sets him apart in the music industry.

A Career Marked by Prolific Releases

Santa Fe Klan has been incredibly active in the music scene since 2017, releasing six impactful albums including “El Inicio, Vol. 3,” “Bendecido,” “Necesidad” in collaboration with Lefty Sm, “Santa Cumbia,” “Mundo," and "Todo." His relentless work ethic and commitment to his art have made him a standout artist in Latin music.

Expanding Influence Beyond Music

In a testament to his growing influence, Santa Fe Klan's single “Soy” was featured in the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Prologue” EP, contributing to the musical landscape of the blockbuster film. This achievement highlights his versatility and appeal beyond the traditional music scene.

Tour Success and New Management Deal

The superstar recently concluded his ‘Todo Y Nada’ tour, which saw him perform in over 38 cities across the U.S. His recent signing with Prajin Parlay Inc, a management company known for representing leading Latin artists like Peso Pluma, Jasiel Nuñez, Tito Double P, Dareyes de la Sierra, and Código FN, positions him for further growth and success in his career.

Santa Fe Klan's Social Media Dominance

Santa Fe Klan's influence is not just limited to his music; it extends to his strong social media presence. With 12 million monthly listeners on Spotify, 10.9 million YouTube subscribers, and over 10.9 million Instagram followers, he continues to captivate a vast audience. His unique sound and authenticity have made him a sensation in the Mexican music industry and beyond.

Conclusion: Santa Fe Klan's Continued Ascent

Santa Fe Klan's nomination for Song Of The Year in Música Mexicana at Premio Lo Nuestro is a testament to his talent and hard work. As he continues to shape his musical identity and expand his influence, Santa Fe Klan remains a significant figure in the Latin music industry, captivating audiences with his authentic and unique sound.