Santa Fe Klan Signs Management Deal with Prajin Parlay Inc.

The Deal Marks a Significant Step for Música Mexicana and Santa Fe Klan
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Santa Fe Klan Signs Management Deal with Prajin Parlay Inc.

Prajin Parlay Inc., a renowned music imprint, has officially announced that the Mexican rising singer-songwriter Ángel Quezada, popularly known as Santa Fe Klan, has signed a management deal with them. This collaboration brings Santa Fe Klan into a family of artists such as Peso Pluma, Jasiel Nuñez, Tito Double P, and others. George Prajin, the head of Prajin Parlay Inc. and partner in Double P Records, expressed his enthusiasm for helping Santa Fe Klan grow both as a musician and a businessman.

Santa Fe Klan's Excitement for New Opportunities

Santa Fe Klan shared his excitement about joining the Prajin Parlay roster. As he embarks on this new chapter in his career, he looks forward to the opportunities and experiences that await him and his fans in 2024.

Record-Breaking Achievements of Prajin Parlay Inc. and Double P Records

Prajin Parlay Inc., together with Double P Records, has made significant strides in bringing música Mexicana to a global audience. Their achievements this year include breaking records worldwide and dominating the Billboard Year End Charts. They achieved notable rankings in categories such as Hot Latin Songs Publisher and Hot Latin Songs Imprint Chart.

Peso Pluma Welcomes Santa Fe Klan

Peso Pluma, a fellow artist at Prajin Parlay Inc., expressed admiration for Santa Fe Klan and welcomed him to the family. This addition is expected to strengthen the collaborative environment within the label.

About Santa Fe Klan: A Rising Mexican Star

Ángel Quezada, known as Santa Fe Klan, began his music career at a young age and has quickly become a prominent Latin performer. Known for his exceptional sound, he has already released several albums, including “El Inicio, Vol. 3,” “Bendecido,” “Necesidad,” “Santa Cumbia,” and “Mundo,” each showcasing his evolving artistry.

Santa Fe Klan's Artistic Journey

Santa Fe Klan's music, characterized by its unique and powerful Latin sound, has made significant impacts in the industry. His collaborations, such as “Te Encontré” with rapper Russ, highlight his versatility and artistic prowess. His single “Soy” was featured in the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Prologue” EP, contributing to the soundtrack of the blockbuster film.

Accolades and Upcoming Projects

Santa Fe Klan's talent has been recognized with awards and nominations, including a 2022 Premio Juventud and a 2023 Latin American Music Awards nomination. He will also participate as a panelist during Latin Billboard week, discussing the rise of Regional Mexican music.

New Album "TODO" and Ongoing Projects

Santa Fe Klan has been actively releasing singles leading up to his upcoming album “TODO,” set for release this summer. He has also contributed to the Fast & Furious franchise and is currently on his second USA tour, which began in June 2023.

Santa Fe Klan's Impact and Goals

Known for his emotional lyricism and connection with his audience, Santa Fe Klan aims to support and elevate emerging artists from his community. He hopes to enrich the music scene and provide opportunities for these talents.

Santa Fe Klan's Growing Global Influence

With millions of followers and listeners across platforms like Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, Santa Fe Klan continues to captivate the music industry with his authenticity and unique sound, affirming his status as a Mexican sensation.