"SI ME LLEVAS CONTIGO": A Unique Musical Blend for 'Zorro' by Keith Urban, Carin León, and Rosario Flores

Cross-Genre Collaboration Marks a First in Latin Music
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"SI ME LLEVAS CONTIGO": A Unique Musical Blend for 'Zorro' by Keith Urban, Carin León, and Rosario Flores

In a remarkable blend of musical talents, country music icon Keith Urban, Regional Mexican star Carin León, and acclaimed Flamenco artist Rosario Flores have come together for the song “SI ME LLEVAS CONTIGO.” This unique collaboration forms the theme song for the new Prime Video original series ‘Zorro,’ set to stream in the US and across Latin America starting January 19th and in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra from January 25th.

"SI ME LLEVAS CONTIGO": A Fusion of Cultures and Sounds

“SI ME LLEVAS CONTIGO” is more than just a theme song; it’s a musical representation of resilience and courage, as described by its creator, Julio Reyes Copello. The track embodies the spirit of human perseverance against adversity and aims to inspire listeners to chase their dreams. This song brings together the musical essence of Spain, Mexico, and the US, reflecting the diverse cultural heritage of the legendary Zorro.

The Creative Force Behind the Song

Crafted by the talented Julio Reyes Copello, who wrote and produced the song, “SI ME LLEVAS CONTIGO” is available across all major digital service providers. Accompanied by a YouTube lyric video and featured in the official trailer, the song captures the essence of the enigmatic Zorro. It’s the second release from the upcoming soundtrack for ‘Zorro,’ distributed by Universal Music Latino.

A Star-Studded Soundtrack for "Zorro"

The soundtrack for ‘Zorro,’ comprising 14 original songs, showcases a lineup of some of the most renowned artists in the industry. Along with “SI ME LLEVAS CONTIGO,” fans can anticipate tracks from Juanes, Luis Fonsi, La Santa Cecilia, Cami, Adriel Favela, Morat, and Latin GRAMMY winner for Best New Artist, Joaquina. This collection promises to be a vibrant and diverse musical journey, much like the story of Zorro itself.