Sky Rompiendo Drops New Single "Espectacular" Featuring Rauw Alejandro

The track, now available via Sony Music Latin, showcases a unique electronic melodic style.
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Sky Rompiendo Drops New Single "Espectacular" Featuring Rauw Alejandro

Latin Grammy award-winning artist and producer Sky Rompiendo has unveiled his latest musical offering, a single titled “Espectacular (feat. Rauw Alejandro).” Available through Sony Music Latin, this track is already making waves and can be streamed online.

A Creative Fusion in "Espectacular"

In "Espectacular," Sky leverages his production skills to craft a beat that perfectly complements Rauw Alejandro’s unique electronic melodic style. The song features Rauw Alejandro singing about a captivating woman in a strip club, with lyrics that paint a vivid picture: “la bebé está bailando en el tubo, nunca se detuvo, lleno de billetes el cubo.”

Visual Storytelling

Accompanying the release of the single is a new music video, directed by Hidji World. The video captures Sky and Rauw Alejandro as they admire a dancer, then shifts focus to showcase Rauw’s impressive dance skills. The video enhances the narrative of the song, adding a visual layer to the already engaging audio.

Sky, Rauw Continue Successful Partnerships

Ongoing Collaborations

This release marks another successful collaboration between Sky and Rauw Alejandro, who previously worked together on the 2020 album "Afrodisíaco." That project included the hit track “Ponte Pa’ Mi” featuring Myke Towers, which contributed significantly to Rauw’s rise in the music industry.

A Productive Year for Sky

"Espectacular" is Sky’s first single of 2024, following a year of notable releases in 2023 such as “Crush (feat. Arcangel & Dei V)” and “El Cielo (feat. Myke Towers & Feid),” with the latter being performed at the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards.

Recent Productions

In addition to his own singles, Sky has been active behind the scenes, producing Chenco Corleone’s latest hit “HUMO (feat. Peso Pluma)” and collaborating with top artists like Ozuna and Blessd on their albums. These projects have garnered extensive praise and showcase Sky’s influence and versatility in the music industry.

Sky’s Global Impact

Sky has established himself as a leading force in the music world, creating hits for Latin music icons and facilitating impactful crossover collaborations with U.S. artists such as The Weeknd, Pharrell, and Travis Scott. His work continues to resonate on a global scale, solidifying his status in the international music scene.